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Side Bar San Diego, Guide & Review

Sometimes you might feel chill and sophisticated. Other times you might feel wild and fearless.Opt for your party pleasure on a late-night dance floor with an unforeseen champagne shower and a snazzy gathering with your faves, or sparkling chaos; complete with the most gastronomic and delectable libations and bites. Side Bar has it all!

As you arrive this one of a kind venue, the bar’s exclusiveness will be matched by yours. Part fanciful and floral, part indulgent and bitchy; the decor of the venue is just fierce and vibrant. When it comes to the nightlife of the bar, it knows that everyone has a different taste. The bar presents the best in-house cocktails and liquor menu to be found anywhere in the town. You will want to have a champagne shower. The vibe of the venue will exactly fit your exuberant lifestyle.

The side bar is just an intelligent mixture of both the nightclub and an ultra lounge, which provides its guests with the most dynamic, ultimate, and intimate fun experience. The venue is also famed for its classic sex appeal. An array of velvet couches and leather booths serve for both the bottle service tables and the lounge seating.

A plethora of maroon-colored bird cages, descend from the lofty ceiling and become one of the focal points in the lounge. A custom-designed lighting package sets the mood of the party while the unique decor and erotic collection of paintings offer subtle distractions. The venue offers an enchanting experience that is both suggestive and stimulating alike.

If you have not visited this ultimate nightlife spot, you did not enjoy the true essence of San Diego as yet! Side Bar, with its most dedicated, polite, attentive, and dutiful team, is looking forward to welcoming you for a once in a lifetime kind of fun!

Side Bar San Diego Dress Code Guide

Side Bar nightclub offers a unique combination of a nightclub with ultra-lounge. Its sensual decor soothes your mood, delicious food satiates your appetite, and energetic music makes your body move involuntarily. There is a huge demand for this premium nightclub in San Diego. If you wish to visit this nightclub, then make sure you follow the dress code. Otherwise, you may not be allowed to enjoy the beautiful amenities of the nightclub. The management is pretty strict when it comes to dressing code.

Side Bar Nightclub Dress Code Guide for the Ladies

Wear a nice cropped t-shirt with a skirt. That looks so nice and sexy. Give special attention to the color combination. A majestic color combination can help you get plenty of accolades for your look. A black cropped top together with a red short skirt can make the hearts of youngsters beat faster. It’s a deadly combination. Tie your hair and make a neat horsetail. Wear a black eyeliner and a crimson red lipstick. Apply a dab of moisturizer on your face, and you’re ready to rock the party in the Side Bar nightclub.

Just because you’re a girl, it doesn’t mean you can wear anything. If you’re wearing a t-shirt, make sure it’s a decent one. The t-shirt shouldn’t have offensive visuals or taglines or comments.

Entering the nightclub wearing a tank top and sandals is a cardinal sin. The proper dress code involves wearing heels.

Side Bar Nightclub Dress Code Guide for the Gents

Like the decor of the Side Bar nightclub, your dress should be stylish. Wear a fashionable button-up collared shirt with dress pants. Wear a stylish watch and dress shoes to look classy and adorable. Wear the right size because baggy clothes can ruin your look completely. It can be a real disaster.

Now let’s talk about what you can’t possibly wear in the Side Bar nightclub. This includes sneakers and tennis shoes.

Backpacks don’t fit into the dress code category of the Side Bar nightclub. So, leave them in your car or home. The same thing can be said about the gym attire. It’s equally unacceptable in the nightclub.​

Is there anything else you should know?

Not much. It’s just that you shouldn’t carry any sharp knife or guns. Don’t carry drugs as well no matter how much tempted you’re.

Try to carry small bags or clutch because they are both trendy and convenient. Moreover, avoid wearing ripped jeans and t-shirts. They are not cool at all.

Our Suggestions 

Almost all the nightclubs in San Diego have a dress code. Whenever you feel like partying in a nightclub, check the dress code from its official website once.

In Side Bar nightclub, sportswear is prohibited for both men and women. Baseball caps, hats, jerseys, shorts, athletic shoes, joggers, and track jackets are not allowed. The Side Bar management has the sole power to reject any guest. So be careful! Don’t wear anything that makes the nightclub management angry or suspicious. Your tickets might get rejected, and your whole plan can turn into a big disaster.​

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