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Armani Prive Milan, Guide & Review

The saying goes “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”. So, when you’re in Milan, what should you do? We’d say you blend in with their luxurious and lavish lifestyle; expensive suits, exotic supercars, and not to forget, their state of the art clubs. Speaking of clubs, there’s one club which you simply cannot miss – Armani Prive Milan. Its unique and elegant designing has been carried out under the direct supervision of Giorgio Armani; the founder of brand Armani. The interior features a blend of modern and traditional Italian furnishings incorporating bronze colours and illuminated walls with plenty of glass everywhere to give it a more flamboyant look. The ambience, interior, and lighting give it a peaceful, yet exciting feeling when you’re in a mood to dance a little bit. The songs played are usually the trendy and hit songs of that time and weekends are particularly important to look forward to if you’re into dancing, rather than drinking. Armani Prive has really created its own distinctive position among the partygoers of Milan and the whole world. The perks include a ladies night where free drinks are given to the ladies and the fun is combined with the intimacy of a member’s club.


Armani Prive club is located at the heart of Italy, which is none other than Milan. It’s in the same building which houses the Armani Hotel Milan and the Armani/Nobu restaurant. However, the exact location is Gastone Pisoni 1, 20121 Milan, which is fairly easy to locate on the Google maps.

The Dress Code

If you’re going someplace fancy, you have to follow their dress code. Armani Prive is no exception since it specifies the dress code clearly to its customers. For men, no beachwear, open or sports footwear, or vulgar T-shirts are allowed. They are expected to wear a dress shirt and dress pants. For women, no beachwear or overly revealing outfits are allowed.

VIP Table Guide

Table service for Armani Prive is much better than many of its competitors since it makes the most out of its space. The tables are properly aligned to make sure that there is no congestion or overcrowding. However, since the club is a fancy place to be in, the table prices are quite high as you might expect them to be. The prices are base prices and can be changed by the administration depending on various factors. The basic price, however, is 600 pounds per table, which seats 5 people, if you book the VIP table service. If you’re going to a fancy place, why not go the whole way and be the VIP in the room. Right from the start, a VIP table gives you a jump start for your night since it gives you a queue jump and designated hostess for the night. Mixers and waters are also included in the table minimum. All this combines to gives you a unique experience, as is deserving of any VIP.

Bottle Service

The bottle service at Armani Prive is efficient and quick and the staff is well trained to cater to your every need. However, don’t expect the drinks to be cheap since you’re in for one of the most luxurious experiences of your life. The prices for specific bottles are subject to change; however, nothing is less than 300 pounds.

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