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Babel Club Rome, Guide & Review

Babel is a chic, glitzy club away from the crowded streets of Rome; it adds something unique to the nightlife of the city by giving them a sophisticated, exclusive place to spend their nights dancing away in. The club has been beautifully decorated with red leather sofas set against elegant wallpaper to complete the look. The lighting of the club is made perfect with baroque wall lights, as well as some Swarovski lamps that hang from the ceiling above.

The club attracts all sorts of people, but you’ll most likely see men in Armani jeans and women in mini-skirts with heels to complement their outfit. Pop and house music is played throughout the night to keep the people on their feet. The club specializes in some of the best drinks and cocktails so you’ll have something to do at all times.

Babel only opens on Fridays and Saturday, after 11 PM, so you have to be sure to get there early so you can get a place. If you want to experience everything that Rome has to offer in terms of the music scene and the nightlife, then Babel is a place you must visit at least once during your stay.

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