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How it Works:

Step One

Sign Up on our Guest List, follow the steps below.

Step Two

You Will Recieve an Email Confirmation with entry details and instructions.

Step Three

Say ‘Nightflow’ at the club door or show your Nightflow Pass at the door.

Useful Information

How to get past the door when you’re on the guest list:

  • – The club reserves all rights to deny entry, do NOT give them a reason to
  • – Come prepared: know that to get in you need to say “I’m on the Nightflow List” and be sure you have the email confirmation ready if the bouncer asks you.
  • – For guys: I’d strongly recommend arriving extra early, being on good behaviour in the line or when near the club (don’t bring beer into the line or chug it in front of the club, bouncers don’t like that)
  • – Be sure you bring ID, if you are or look young, bring original copies of your passports. Technically copies are acceptable but bouncers are always suspicious of them. Stay away from fake IDs.
  • – You will find the exact conditions in the confirmation email, they are subject to change
  • – In high season, the line can be 30-45 minutes. I recommend arriving 45 minutes before the cutoff hour for the guest list.
  • – Tip: It helps to go in with attractive women

How to get to Just Cavalli Milan:

Simple! Just use google maps to navigate! In my experience its way more helpful than any guide I could put together, Google maps is super accurate and up to date.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can I put on the guest list?

With the form above you can put as many people on the guest list as you like. I just recommend splitting large groups up into small groups of 4 or 5. Then ideally each group has a separate signup and every group has at least 1 confirmation email they can show at the door.

What if I just turn up and say “I’m on Nightflow List at the door”?

Technically, this is all you need to do. Guest lists these days are “open”, which means you just have to say the guest list name at the club door. The club doesn’t have your name specifically.

Until when can I get in with your guest list?

This differs for each club, for each night and whether you are a man or woman. The conditions for the club and night you’re signed up to will be on the confirmation email I’ll send you.

The bouncers told me I’m not on the guest list after I stood in line. Why?

Now, this is almost always (95% of the time) an excuse to not let you in due to you or your group not being up to dress code standards, due to bad behaviour or that you don’t fit the profile of the club. Bouncers do not like to tell you that you are dressed badly, are too fat, too drunk etc to your face, so they come up with lines like “private event”, “you’re not on the list”, “the club is full” etc. It might simply be because they have already let in too many guys and have stopped letting in male-only groups.

The form will only let me sign up to me +5 guests, but we are a group of 8, what should we do?

This is a deliberate favour for you. My goal is for you to have the best night out and especially the smoothest time at the door. A group of 8 is no problem at all, but its always best if large groups split up into smaller groups so the club door has an easier time dealing with you. In an ideal world, everyone signs up for the guest list themselves and has an email confirmation. If inconvenient, I’d recommend groups of 4-5 max. Then designate a group leader to say “we are on the nightflow list” to the bouncer then ushers the rest of the mini group in.

What is the difference between guest lists and tickets, and which is better?

Guest lists are the clubs incentive for promoters to bring in the right people into the club early. The guest list always has excellent conditions for the night out if you arrive early. Some clubs also have offers with free dinners or free drinks if you arrive early enough. Tickets however usually allow you to skip the line and enter with the ticket all night (as long as the club is full). With a ticket, you are essentially prebuying a drink. And most of the time the offer with the ticket is better than buying the drinks inside. Example: Many tickets include a drink at 10 euros, whereas getting a drink inside the club might cost 12-15 euros. In that case definitely get tickets if you are planning on drinking!

Am I on the VIP list?

To clear this up: most clubs don’t have VIP lists. There are 4 options to get in a club: a VIP table (bottle service) which often includes the entry fee, a presale ticket, paying the cover on the night and finally the regular guest list. Each has its advantages other than just turning up and paying cover, that just plain sucks.

Can I get into the VIP area?

The VIP area is only for VIP guests, its a separate area inside the club where you’ll find tables for the guests that have bought bottles and table service. Occasionally a club will let in groups of great looking girls into the VIP area. Guys will almost always have to pay.

My friend is 17, can I get her in with your list?

Sadly not except if the club has a specific minors night. The club is legally restricted on letting minors in on nights when they serve alcohol. Also, many nights and more upscale clubs will also filter people out at the door due to their age. Always consult the club sessions or our dress code guides to know if you will be able to get into the club.

Hey, I’m at the door! Can you bring me in?

A frequent request, however everyone else in the line is also on the guest list, I’m afraid due to fairness I can’t get you in past the door.

Piper Club Rome, Guide & Review

After more than half a decade, Piper nightclub still remains an icon in the magnificent city of Rome. Undoubtedly the hottest nightclub that you could visit during the era of the ’60s and ’70s, Piper still holds its classical charm, which introducing youth and vibrancy into its aura.
At first, the entrance to the nightclub would seem a little too plain and simple for its magical description. A single door with the words ‘PIPER’ lit up in red above the doors; two flights of the staircase leading down to this iconic nightclub. Once you enter the nightclub however, you will be blown away by its essence. Keeping in touch with its old-world charm, Piper nightclub is the size of a small operatic theatre.

Piper is the “IN” spot for those who are looking to delve into the vintage vibes of the ’60s and ’70s, while still enjoying the best parts of this millennial. If you cannot wait to get into this magical nightclub known as Piper, this guide will tell you all about the do and don’ts that you are required to follow. Keep in mind that just like any other nightclub, the bouncers of Piper hold every right to deny you entry into the club. So read this guide and you will be all set to party it on at Piper nightclub in Rome.

Dress Code & Age Requirement

As long as you are even a day above 18, you can easily get into Piper nightclub! At Piper, you will find a whole lot of people from all kinds of age groups present. However, you are most likely going to run into the young, vibrant party goers of Rome at Piper.
The dress code for Piper is quite strict, just like any other great establishment would have. If you don’t want any trouble with the bouncers, it is best to follow the dress code rules as strictly as possible. The main mottos for Piper are to dress well, be well-groomed, and of course, wow everyone with your unique sense of style and fashion. While you can obviously go for the more fancy party wear, smart casual works too. Just make sure that you don’t end up in beachwear, sports attire or anything inappropriate, and you will be just fine.

Opt for fancy, closed shoes for men, and heels or even flats for women. With everything done just right, you shouldn’t have any issues passing by the bouncers to get into the magical land of Piper nightclub!

To know more about the dress code guidelines for Piper in detail, check out the article- Piper Dress Code Guide for Men and Women.

Weekly Program

Piper club opened up in 1965, and singlehandedly changed the entire face of Italian parties. Since then, Piper has been an iconic spot in Rome. Keeping up to its historical roots, Piper hosts an event known as ‘The Seventies Night’.

At 11 pm on Fridays, like clockwork, band members emerge, along with a beautiful singer, and start their pieces for the night.

You will find the club filled with people in their 30’s, 40’s and even 50’s. Of course, you will run into the occasional youth who enjoys their fair share of classic 70’s music.

However, Piper is also well known for its live music, concerts, and DJ nights held on weekdays. On these nights, you will experience a complete paradigm shift from classic 70’s music, to the upbeat, house, techno and funk music that you hear blaring at most clubs. These Saturday nights are perfect to simply dance and sweat it out on the dance floor, where you will be greeted by another 1000 odd partygoers.

You can also lookout for the Salsa Nights held at Piper on Sundays.

Check the club schedule on Piper’s official website to find out exactly what kinds of events are held on any given night.

Music Style

Keeping in touch with their vintage style, Piper loves to lure in their audiences with vintage classic music from the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s. As soon as you walk down the two flights of staircases into the seemingly dingy basement of Piper, you will immediately be transported back into a different era.
Based in a mini-opera house, Piper is not foreign to new age electronic music as well. On weekends, Piper blares techno and electronic music for the pleasure of the younger audiences visiting the club.

Average Line, Guest Lists, Tickets & Entry Price

Piper Club is pretty much filled to the brim on any given night. On Fridays, the crowds are middle-aged party goers enjoying some classical music, and on weekends, it shifts to younger, more exuberant crowds of Rome. The best way to make sure you gain entry into Piper nightclub is by getting your name on the Guest List. However, if you are not on the Guest List, you can expect to pay about 20 Euros as an entry fee.

Of course, keep in mind that you should comply with the dress code guidelines so that you don’t face any unnecessary resistance from the bouncers greeting you at the door.

VIP Tables & Bottle Service

If you can afford it, then getting yourself a VIP Table with bottle service is definitely the way to go at Piper Club. It would cost you 500 Euros for a VIP table where you can comfortably seat 5 people. You can enjoy jumping the queue and even have a personal hostess just for your VIP table.

Drink Prices

Drink prices start from about 10 to 20 Euros for an alcoholic drink, however, the fancier your cocktail, the more expensive it gets. Before you start fretting about the high priced drinks, keep in mind that Piper is located at the heart of the city. It is in fact, a very popular and famous spot in the city. An iconic one, in fact. Keeping these factors in mind, the price you would pay for your drinks actually does not seem that much!

Our Recommendations

Obviously, it goes without saying that the best time for visiting Piper Club would be during the weekends when you can enjoy a very special Salsa Night and upbeat, funky, electronic music. However, if you are specifically looking for the old, vintage vibes, visiting on a Friday night would be the best idea.
Piper tends to get very crowded, especially during the weekends, being a hot spot in Rome. Booking a table in advance would do you a world of good.

However, one important thing to keep in mind is that you need to follow the dress code to the nines. Even if you have your name on the guest list, it does not make you immune to the dress code guidelines, and the bouncers may just refuse to allow you to enter if you don’t.

There is a special cloakroom especially for your coats, so hang on to your cloakroom ticket if you wish to leave Piper with whatever you carried with you when you entered!

Probably one of the best attractions about Piper is that it opens at 11 pm and stays open till 5 am. So if you are one of those who enjoy the occasional (or even regular) all-nighters, Piper is the place for you to go!

Piper Club Dress Code Guide

A youthful, vibrant and massive dance club, Piper dance club has been around for ages in the beautiful city of Rome. Piper is one of those nightclubs that you want to visit if you wish to enjoy music dating back to the 70’s all the way up to the new age music that we are all used to hearing around us. A vibrant nightclub with a historical touch, Piper can accommodate up to a 1000 people a night.

Of course, like any other nightclub, Piper has some pretty strict dress code policies. If you wish to enjoy a great night of dancing, drinking and simply basking in the vibes of the youth of Rome, it is best to follow their dress code guidelines.

Keep in mind; the bouncers hold every right to deny entry to any individual who does not follow the dress code policies. So here is a guide on all you need to know to enjoy a night of fun at Piper nightclub, without facing any resistance from the bouncers!

Piper Club Dress Code for the Ladies

Every day of the week brings a new and happening scene at Piper night club in Rome. Visit on the weekends, and you might just be transported back to the vintage music of the 70’s 80’s and 90’s. Saturday nights bring about amazing concerts, special lighting effects, DJ’s and amazing music from our generation that we enjoy blaring so much. So of course, check the schedule and dress accordingly.

The dress code for Piper nightclub is quite strict however, and you need to be mindful of certain rules. The general motto of the nightclub is that you should dress to impress. So ladies must put on their very best outfits.

Whether you prefer a maxi dress, or a mini one, make sure it looks smashing on you, complementing your looks and your vibrant personalities. You can even opt for a blouse, a crop top, or stylish tank tops to go along with dressy pants.

Avoiding jeans would be the best way to go, I mean, can you really dance comfortably in tight jeans all night? Piper nightclub is all about having a good time and enjoying the music, the company of your friends and meeting a few great strangers along the way!

Short skirts, or even long dressy ones are always welcome, so whatever your style is, bring it with yourself at Piper nightclub! The only things you would be asked to avoid are; ending up to the club in beachwear, nightwear, or sports attire. Dress to impress, keep that in mind, and you won’t face any issues!

The bouncers however would hold ever right to deny you entry in case they find your club outfit to be too vulgar, too suggestive, or just not along the lines of the vibe of Piper. Piper is a very popular nightclub frequented by several patrons and newcomers every night. So in order to keep up with vibes and ambience of the club, the bouncers are required to be quite strict.

Wear your hair up, or down, however you like it! If you sport bright, colourful hair with a quirky hairstyle, you are completely welcome at the club!

Tattoos are another thing altogether! I mean, no nightclub has ever denied entry to a lady for having tattoos, so if you have a couple which you want to show off, this is the place to do it!

As for your shoes, heels are always preferred. However, if you are more comfortable in flats, go for it. Strictly avoid wearing beach shoes or running shoes, as it would completely clash with the vibes of Piper.

Piper Club Dress Code for the Gents

When you visit a nightclub which is filled with such gorgeous girls, it is quite obvious that you too would like to look your best. Well, just follow the dress code guidelines for Piper night club Rome and you are pretty much guaranteed to enjoy one of the best nights of your life at this mind blowing night club.

Check the schedule so that you know exactly what kind of a scene to except at the nightclub on any given night. Of course, you can dress accordingly. The main objective and guide for the dress code for Piper is to look impressive, look neat and clean, and look absolutely drop dead handsome!

Bring out your best dress shirt for the night club, and pair it with an amazing pair of trousers. You want to look clean, smart and handsome. Is it best not to be too experimental with your T-shirts; don’t wear a T-shirt which has anything inappropriate or vulgar written on it. Stick to fancy shirts and long or short pants to go well along with them.

Any kind of sports attire; be it shoes, shirts, shorts or even caps must be avoided at all costs. Remember, if you even turn up in something like a sports cap which the bouncers don’t like, they hold every right to deny you entry into Piper nightclub.

You can never go wrong with a good, clean shirt and some nice pants, so stick to the basics if you have no idea what you should wear.

As for your hair, it is expected that you come well groomed to the club; neat and a clean cut for your hair as well as your beard. Of course, if you are a little experimental too, it’s not too bad!

If you have a lot of tattoos and wish to show them off, well, as long as your outfit allows it, show off as much as you want! If you have any tattoos in areas that are otherwise covered by your outfit, its best that you keep them hidden.

General Suggestions

When you visit the nightclub in a fashionable city like Rome, it is expected that you would keep up to their fashion standards! Don’t forget to visit the Facebook page for Piper nightclub so that you are well informed about any events, concerts, live music or DJ’s playing on any night.

With all this being said, the main intention for Piper nightclub is to have the night of your life. So come prepared, and prepare your mind and body for the party of your life at Piper nightclub in Rome!

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