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If you are wondering where Room 26 gets its oddly unique name from, just place one foot into the club and all your questions will be answered. The only club in Rome having this amazing state of the art sound system with crown amplifiers, Room 26 is defined by its booming sounds and marble architecture inside.

Dress Code & Age Requirement

Room 26 is filled with people of all ages; of course, you will find the crowds leaning more towards the ’20s and ’30s. As long as you are even a minute above 18 years of age, you will be allowed to enter Room 26 with absolutely no issues!

The dress code for Room 26 is strictly club attire; which means you would be expected to dress to impress. A nice, fancy outfit can go a long way here. The out of the world LED lighting system creates a fantasy world of psychedelic art and music, so wear something which glows in the dark or under a neon light, and you will definitely feel all eyes on you!

If you wish to dress more casually, it would be acceptable, as long as you don’t just roll out of bed and enter the club. The bouncers can be pretty strict about the dress code policy, so make sure that you don’t offend them by wearing anything out of the box and inappropriate which might cause restrictions for you to enter the club.

Needless to say, beachwear and sports attire are completely out of the question!

Music Style & Parties

Open from Thursdays to Saturdays till 4:30 am in the morning, and there are two rooms divided into sections which triumphantly play their best music from their world-class sound system.

There is a different set of music being played by amazing DJ’s, along with fantastic live music sets, as well as concerts and events. You should visit the official website of Room 26 and their Facebook page to find out about their weekly events so that you don’t miss out on anything.

There are two rooms in Room 26; the main room is called the Global Room, and the room right behind this is called the Purple Room.

The Global Room features 3 projectors which display amazing videos along with their superb sound system. The magnificent LED lighting system in this room covers the entirety of the enormous dance floor, giving you a full depth of audio and visual stimulation.

Many internationally acclaimed DJ’s plays all kinds of different sets in this room. From soulful techno music to classic music from the ’80s, to more modern, party vibes with heavy electronic music.

The DJ booths in this room are pretty impressive with turntables and some of the best DJ’s mixing up their unique beats for the party goers at Room 26.

In the Purple Room which is just behind the Global Room, you will find a smaller, slightly quieter ambiance to the entire room. This room mostly plays Euros 90’s and 2000s hits.

Friday nights are probably the best time to visit Room 26 as you can enjoy some of the best sets from amazing DJ’s playing their exuberant styles of techno style music.

Guestlists, Tickets & Entry Price

Room 26 is expected to be totally packed on Fridays, this being the most popular day of the week for the club. The average queue outside the club can get pretty long and you could be expected to wait even 45 minutes just to get in.

It would probably be the best idea to get your names on the Guest List for Room 26. There are several websites which offer you great deals and allow you to get your name up on the Guest List. However, keep in mind that even with your name on the guest list, you would need to comply with their fixed schedule timings and their dress code policy. come to the club slightly early, before midnight, and you shouldn’t face any issues with getting in once you have your name on the guest list.

VIP Tables & Bottle Service

An upscale club as it is, Room 26 has quite a few VIP tables reserved especially for VIP guests. Of course, you can simply go online and get yourself a VIP table. The club is filled with the hottest, chicest crowds of Italy and you would greatly benefit by getting a VIP table and bottle service for yourself if you can afford it for a night!

Drink Prices

The prices for various drinks will vary according to what goes into them and their popularity. Of course, it would be better to tell you that the prices for drinks start at about 8 Euros, and can shoot up to even a 100, depending on how fancy you want to get.

Keep in mind that a popular spot like Room 26 is probably charging you quite a reasonable amount for their drinks, as Room 26 is more of a complete experience of the mind, the body, and the soul! Get ready to have all your senses tickled; audio visually, as well as with their marvelous drinks, at Room 26!

Our Recommendations

The best day to visit Room 26 would be a Friday, of course, keep in mind that it would also be the most crowded of days. The two divided rooms offer you plenty of space to dance, relax, and meet some new people.

The sound system is something that simply cannot be described in words; it is an experience of a lifetime. Your ears will thank you forever for this experience!

Stick to the dress code policy as closely as possible, as the bouncers have a pretty keen eye for detail. It is up to them to keep the natural vibe of their club up to the mark, and to do this, they hold every right to deny entry to anyone they don’t seem fit. It is best not to get into any tiffs with the bouncers here.

Coming to Room 26 with some attractive girls with you would probably work in your favor, as it could help you gain entry into the club. However, keep in mind that these gorgeous females do not give you immunity from the dress code policy!

The club remains open till 4:30 am three days a week, so this is probably the best place for those who love to pull all-nighters with their friends.

Piper tends to get very crowded, especially during the weekends, being a hot spot in Rome. Booking a table in advance would do you a world of good.

However, one important thing to keep in mind is that you need to follow the dress code to the nines. Even if you have your name on the guest list, it does not make you immune to the dress code guidelines, and the bouncers may just refuse to allow you to enter if you don’t.

There is a special cloakroom especially for your coats, so hang on to your cloakroom ticket if you wish to leave Piper with whatever you carried with you when you entered!

Probably one of the best attractions about Piper is that it opens at 11 pm and stays open till 5 am. So if you are one of those who enjoy the occasional (or even regular) all-nighters, Piper is the place for you to go!

Room 26 Rome Dress Code Guide

Room 26, as unique and quirky as the name sounds, really lives up to its initial vibe of being completely innovative. A container for party lovers from all over the world to enjoy a dive into art and musical appreciation, Room 26 is a fishbowl of diversity. The club ensures that it is always keeping up with the every changing needs and wants of those visiting. Read on for a more in depth dress code guide.Drama Park Lane Dress Code for the Ladies

Like any other good night club in Rome, Room 26 has a pretty strict door policy; holding the rights to deny entry to anyone they don’t deem appropriate. Follow the dress code guidelines and ensure that you don’t face any restrictions by the bounders at the front door.

But why such a strict dress code policy, you ask? Well, a club with such high standards as Room 26 definitely needs to live up to its elegant atmosphere. By having a strict dress code policy, the bouncers ensure that those entering the club keep up the classy atmosphere of it.

At first glance, you will feel like you are entering a museum, and not a nightclub. But as the music starts, you will be overwhelmed by the sound system, which is the real pride and treasure of Room 26. The name ‘Room 26’ comes from the crown amplifiers of this place; so now the name makes so much more sense!

Room 26 Dress Code for the Ladies

Undeniably one of the coolest night clubs in Rome, Room 26 is not only marked by its outstanding and one of the kind sound system, but also what the club brings to the table. From mind blowing music, to mind blowing décor, and of course, the quirky personalities who visit the place, Room 26 is more of an experience, than a place.

Of course, you would be expected to be dressed to the nines. For the ladies, Room 26 is the perfect place to bring out your fancy club attire. You want to look cool, glamorous, and tune in your inner diva when you visit this super cool club. You can never go wrong with a simple dress and some brilliant accessories to give you that extra depth.

As is in fashion now, you can even play around with crop tops, Bardot dresses and off shoulder blouses. Paired with a nice pair of trousers or even a skirt, it seems like the perfect party outfit for Room 26.

If you are specially visiting the club during the summer season, keep in mind that it can get pretty hot in there, so avoid wearing fabrics which will just make you sweat more than necessary!

As for your hair; wear it up, wear it down, put on some hair glitter, or try out a trendy new hairstyle, it is all welcome at Room 26. This club appreciates beauty and diversity in all forms, so you will never feel left out with anything that you decide to sport.

Now coming to the don’ts, it cannot be emphasised how important it is to avoid wearing beach wear, lingerie, or even sports attire to the club. Whether you have your name on the Guest List or not, the bouncers will most definitely turn you away if you end up in any of these.

The safest bet is to opt for fancy heels or even a pair of smart shoes (flip flops might be allowed under special circumstances), but trainers are a strict No-No!

As for tattoos; they are completely fine at Room 26. In fact, you might just bump into some pretty interesting pieces of body art at this club

Room 26 Dress Code for the Gents

Your motto should be to look as clean, sharp and gorgeous as possible. Keep in mind that you will typically run into some of the most breathtakingly beautiful women at this club, so it is kind of obvious that you would want to look your best too.

You can never go wrong with a great shirt and some fancy trousers. Pair it up with a well groomed hairstyle and some great shoes, and you will be the hit of the club.

If you want to experiment with your style, you can even try wearing some quirky T shirts with short or long pants. However, avoid wearing anything which vulgar, inappropriate or suggestive. This is a fancy club, and you want to fit in and look classy yourself.

Once again, as for the ladies, avoid wearing beach wear and sports attire at any costs. You could probably get in if you are sporting some fancy sneakers, but if they look even slightly like running shoes (and there is no fooling the bouncers here), you will be sent back. The bouncers at the door have a hawk’s eye vision, so don’t think of sneaking past them in your flip flops or running shoes!

A neat and well groomed hairstyle is always appreciated; of course, this will not only help you get into the club, but will also help you pick up some ladies.

Tattoos are acceptable, as long as you are not showing them off from places that should otherwise remain covered inside the club!

General Suggestions

Room 26 is known for their out of the world events and concerts, so make sure that you don’t miss out on any of them during your visit. Keep checking their website and Facebook pages to know about an upcoming event.

The club can get pretty packed, so having your name up on the guest list can always be a boon.

Follow the dress code guidelines, because the door policy is quite strict at the club.

It would be advisable to avoid wearing jeans to the club. However, on special occasions (like if the club isn’t too crowded) you might just be in luck. It is best not to test your luck however, and just wear something fancy which you can show off in.

You can even get a VIP table (if you can afford it) and enjoy the perks and privileges. No more standing in line to get into the most popular spot in Rome!

Well, that’s about it. Now that you know what you need to do (and what you shouldn’t do), you are pretty much all set to get it on at Room 26, Rome.

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