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How it Works:

Step One

Sign Up on our Guest List, follow the steps below.

Step Two

You Will Recieve an Email Confirmation with entry details and instructions.

Step Three

Say ‘Nightflow’ at the club door or show your Nightflow Pass at the door.

Useful Information

How to get past the door when you’re on the guest list:

  • – The club reserves all rights to deny entry, do NOT give them a reason to
  • – Come prepared: know that to get in you need to say “I’m on the Nightflow List” and be sure you have the email confirmation ready if the bouncer asks you.
  • – For guys: I’d strongly recommend arriving extra early, being on good behaviour in the line or when near the club (don’t bring beer into the line or chug it in front of the club, bouncers don’t like that)
  • – Be sure you bring ID, if you are or look young, bring original copies of your passports. Technically copies are acceptable but bouncers are always suspicious of them. Stay away from fake IDs.
  • – You will find the exact conditions in the confirmation email, they are subject to change
  • – In high season, the line can be 30-45 minutes. I recommend arriving 45 minutes before the cutoff hour for the guest list.
  • – Tip: It helps to go in with attractive women

How to get to Just Cavalli Milan:

Simple! Just use google maps to navigate! In my experience its way more helpful than any guide I could put together, Google maps is super accurate and up to date.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can I put on the guest list?

With the form above you can put as many people on the guest list as you like. I just recommend splitting large groups up into small groups of 4 or 5. Then ideally each group has a separate signup and every group has at least 1 confirmation email they can show at the door.

What if I just turn up and say “I’m on Nightflow List at the door”?

Technically, this is all you need to do. Guest lists these days are “open”, which means you just have to say the guest list name at the club door. The club doesn’t have your name specifically.

Until when can I get in with your guest list?

This differs for each club, for each night and whether you are a man or woman. The conditions for the club and night you’re signed up to will be on the confirmation email I’ll send you.

The bouncers told me I’m not on the guest list after I stood in line. Why?

Now, this is almost always (95% of the time) an excuse to not let you in due to you or your group not being up to dress code standards, due to bad behaviour or that you don’t fit the profile of the club. Bouncers do not like to tell you that you are dressed badly, are too fat, too drunk etc to your face, so they come up with lines like “private event”, “you’re not on the list”, “the club is full” etc. It might simply be because they have already let in too many guys and have stopped letting in male-only groups.

The form will only let me sign up to me +5 guests, but we are a group of 8, what should we do?

This is a deliberate favour for you. My goal is for you to have the best night out and especially the smoothest time at the door. A group of 8 is no problem at all, but its always best if large groups split up into smaller groups so the club door has an easier time dealing with you. In an ideal world, everyone signs up for the guest list themselves and has an email confirmation. If inconvenient, I’d recommend groups of 4-5 max. Then designate a group leader to say “we are on the nightflow list” to the bouncer then ushers the rest of the mini group in.

What is the difference between guest lists and tickets, and which is better?

Guest lists are the clubs incentive for promoters to bring in the right people into the club early. The guest list always has excellent conditions for the night out if you arrive early. Some clubs also have offers with free dinners or free drinks if you arrive early enough. Tickets however usually allow you to skip the line and enter with the ticket all night (as long as the club is full). With a ticket, you are essentially prebuying a drink. And most of the time the offer with the ticket is better than buying the drinks inside. Example: Many tickets include a drink at 10 euros, whereas getting a drink inside the club might cost 12-15 euros. In that case definitely get tickets if you are planning on drinking!

Am I on the VIP list?

To clear this up: most clubs don’t have VIP lists. There are 4 options to get in a club: a VIP table (bottle service) which often includes the entry fee, a presale ticket, paying the cover on the night and finally the regular guest list. Each has its advantages other than just turning up and paying cover, that just plain sucks.

Can I get into the VIP area?

The VIP area is only for VIP guests, its a separate area inside the club where you’ll find tables for the guests that have bought bottles and table service. Occasionally a club will let in groups of great looking girls into the VIP area. Guys will almost always have to pay.

My friend is 17, can I get her in with your list?

Sadly not except if the club has a specific minors night. The club is legally restricted on letting minors in on nights when they serve alcohol. Also, many nights and more upscale clubs will also filter people out at the door due to their age. Always consult the club sessions or our dress code guides to know if you will be able to get into the club.

Hey, I’m at the door! Can you bring me in?

A frequent request, however everyone else in the line is also on the guest list, I’m afraid due to fairness I can’t get you in past the door.

Shari Vari Rome, Guide & Review

If you happen to find yourself roaming around the beautiful old town of Rome, make sure you check out a central play house Shari Vari. You can find it right in the city center, in an old mansion from the 17th century. It is this place where you can have a lovely Italian dinner first and then, go wild and dance till dawn at the club.

Shari Vari is a venue for people who love to dress up and party until the sun rises. Although Shari Vari opens a little bit before midnight, it tends to get busy only after 11.30 pm. Does it sound interesting? Then, let’s go.

This ultimate guide to Shari Vari will give you all do’s and don’ts in full before you go in. We are here to make you sure you won’t have any problems with the security check (as they tend to be somewhat picky).

The doors of Shari Vari are open throughout the week, except for Mondays. Each day there is a certain program, so don’t worry it never gets lame here. As Rome tends to get full of people from all around the world, Shari Vari is no exception. It gathers quite an international crowd and is never empty.

Dress Code and Age Requirement

Anyone aged 18 and older will get in without any problems. In Shari, Vari people are usually in their 20s and early 30s.

As for dress code, Shari Vari has a rather strict policy in this regard. If you want to pass by bouncers without a hitch, you will need to pay attention to the clothes. To avoid any trouble, make sure you are all dressed up, looking smart and elegant. A well-groomed style is obligatory for all guests. Casual will be fine too; just make sure it’s not sportswear in any kind. As for shoes, avoid boots and trainers and go for something classier.

Weekly Program

There is an interesting program, scheduled for each day during the week (except for Mondays).

To start your week in a good way, Shari Vari offers you Tuesday Madness. On this day music varies from Hip Hop to R&B and is sweetly touched by a new york style.

It is followed by a Very International Party on Wednesday. It is also called a VIP day. Its inspiration is drawn from different countries and regions, so you never know what kind of party you will come across each week. You bet it will be full of international people.

Thursday charms you with its Doll’s House Program. During this day you will get a first-hand experience of real dolls coming into life and dancing on selected music, depending on the theme every week. Feel like running away from reality? When this is the time.

The next two days, Friday and Saturday are considered to be the best nights for a visit. At the same time, it gets so crowded that it will be wise to consider booking a table in advance. The end of the week is celebrated by a live show and an awesome DJ set. Friday brings you NITEbox atmosphere, which is full of beat to dance to. Next day is even more fun, finally hitting a Play House. The feeling is just massive and your simple day into a unique unforgettable experience. Saturday is truly the heart of nightlife in Rome.

The weekends with a relaxing lounge and nu-jazz music on Sunday. It is a good day to revitalize and get more energy for an upcoming week.

Average Line, Guest Lists, Tickets & Entry Price

The entrance to the club is normally free of charge. For this reason, it attracts quite a number of people, so the line can get quite long. That is why Shari Vari practices guest lists. You can get registered with Shari Vari partners, or it will be just easier to get on the list with us.

VIP Tables & Bottle Service

Shari Vari is an upscale club and has plenty of VIP tables and a wide selection of premium alcohols with the cheapest bottles starting at 200 Euros. The place is full of the young and the beautiful and booking a VIP table is definitely the highlife way to go if you can afford it.

Drink Prices

The prices vary around 10 euros for an alcoholic drink and may get higher for a more exquisite cocktail. Although it may seem expensive at first sight, it is really not. It is an average price in the city center of Rome, and after all, Shari Vari is in the city center.

Our Recommendation

The best time to visit Shari Vari is certainly the end of the week, Friday and Saturday. In this case, we would really recommend booking a table beforehand. Shari Vari tends to become pretty crowded at night. To avoid any stress, a table would be a good option to enjoy your night.

Then, we do recommend following the dress code. Security is strict and they do not have any problem to refuse you an entrance if you are wearing sports shoes. Although they may let you in like this when there are not that many people (usually Tuesday and Wednesday), at the end of the week you don’t have chances to pass by the eagle eye. Moreover, being on the list won’t do you any good unless you meet dress code requirements.

In addition, keep in mind that they will probably ask you to leave your jacket at the entrance wardrobe for a 5 euro fee. When you get a cloak-room ticket, do not lose it! They will not easily let you in to pick up your clothes, as they follow security rules. If you lose it, you will have to wait until the closing time.

One of the best things about this place is that it works until 4 am in the morning. So in case you stay up this late, don’t miss out on an opportunity to walk towards the Trevi Fountain. At this time there are usually no tourists and you can finally enjoy the beauty of this place without any trouble.

Shari Vari Dress Code Guide

If you are here, then you have some doubts about what to wear. This guide will help you get ready for a night out and forget all the troubles, because you ARE getting in.

To begin, you are right to check out our dress code guide, because Shari Vari is indeed strict when it comes to clothes. Although it does not go an extreme level, it still wants you to be dressed up. This place is one of the most popular club giants in Rome, attracting quite a stylish international and local crowd. So why do they have a strict dress code policy? Though there are may be many reasons for that, one of the obvious one is a classy and elegant atmosphere they would like to keep. So it is quite understandable that they will expect you to fit it. Plus, the club personnel reserve the right to deny entry to those who does not fit the dress code requirement. And since no one wants to have their night out ruined, here are some useful tips to get admittance to the club.

Shari Vari Club Dress Code for the Ladies

Generally, you need to be dressed to impress in order to get entry to the place. You can never go wrong when looking gorgeous and glamorous on a night out in Shari Vari.  Smashing maxi or mini dresses or skirts, trousers (or sweet shirts in summer) with neat blouses are the best way to go. The outfit should be elegant and well-groomed, as it is expected from the ladies when going to party here.

As for shoes, heels and smart shoes would be the best option. Sneakers and trainers are definitely a no go. Also pay attention during the summer period: as it tends to become very hot in Rome, you will not want to wear flip-flops or any beach-like shoes (unless they look very glamorous).

When it comes to hair, here you have all the choice. Although a very crazy punk hairstyle is not an option, you are pretty okay with any other hairstyle that looks nice and neat. You can wear them up or down, just do not come looking like you just woke up.

As for tattoos, Shari Vari is fine with them.

Shari Vari Club Dress Code for the Gents

Looking sharp and handsome is the best way to go when thinking of hitting Shari Vari. Smart look will be your best orienting point when dressing up for this occasion. Do not experiment with any sportswear, baseball caps, open type shoes, sandals or Timberland-like boots. Jerseys are also a no go. Imagine coming in clothes like this while all the girls are dressed up! So be considerate and try to get something classy. Clean shirts are your best friends; you will never get wrong by wearing them. Slack or black jeans or trousers will be a good addition.

As for hair, bouncers may get picky about it, so it would be better to avoid controversial hairstyles, but any other stylish looking hair would be fine.

The overall suggestion will be the same as for the Ladies, do dress to impress! In addition, ditch your just woke up look, it won’t do you any good. After all, it is Rome, a capital of the country with high standards for fashion.

General Suggestions

If you are going to a specific event at Shari Vari, make sure you check their facebook event page in order to be in the loop. Sometimes dress code varies from a loose to a super strict dress code. Likewise, in the beginning of the week, it is sometimes possible to get in wearing jeans (probably because the place is not crowded that much). Yet, as the weekend comes closer, you have to get your best things out of the closet. Avoid sportswear at any cost!

As for tattoos, normally Shari Vari does not have a problem with it. If they are ordinary and nothing extraordinary, then you will be fine. The same goes for piercing.

All in all, dress to impress is the key from Shari Vari’s doors. So do use it when you are preparing for a party here. Have fun!

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