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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Myrtle Beach

1. 3001 Nightlife Myrtle Beach

3001 Nightlife also invites live bands to play almost every other night. You can sing and dance along to the best music in the State. They also play old music on one of the dance floors to attract an older crowd. It is not a South Carolina venue without any no-shag music, and you can find couples kicking up sawdust here too. Other than music and dance, you can find any drink or cocktail at the bar. Their bartenders are trained in mixology and put together any draught or poison. 

2. Malibu’s Surf Bar Myrtle Beach

Malibu’s Surf Bar is a dance club that is open seven nights a week and brings in the wildest and most energetic crowds every summer. They have a beach bash every night where you can expect to attend outrageous parties. It is the ultimate destination for the young people of Myrtle Beach and is located inside the Celebrity Square on Broadway at the Beach. The laid-back atmosphere at the nightclub makes it such a popular place with the locals and tourists. You will feel like you are actually at Malibu Beach once you step foot in there.

3. Club Oz Myrtle Beach

There are video screens all around the club to give you the illusion of being somewhere else. With optical illusions playing right in front of your eyes, the wall-to-wall paneling will bring you one step closer to nirvana. The lighting in the club turns the surroundings into something new right in front of your eyes. You can experience the thrill of nightclubs from around the world without leaving Myrtle Beach. The psychedelic show complements the music played in the arena. You can hear the latest remixes, from mainstream music to the underground DJs that will make it big. 

4. Fat Harold’s Myrtle Beach

Another venue that upholds the South Carolina tradition of shagging is Far Harold’s. The club is a popular beachfront establishment that claims to be dedicated to shag and nothing more. You will find it surrounded by other venues on Ocean Drive, which makes up the hustle and bustle of Myrtle Beach’s nightlife. It has a rustic appearance of a beach shack, but the interior will impress you with the hardwood dance floors and a wild crowd. They serve split beer and play the kind of music you would typically hear in the ’50s or ’60’s dive bar.

5. Spanish Galleon Myrtle Beach

The Spanish influence on Myrtle Beach has resulted in the Spanish Galleon Dance Club, a popular place for drinks and dancing. It is in the middle of the Ocean Drive District on the city’s Northside and is the perfect place to find an energetic crowd. People from all over the Grand Strand come over to listen to the DJ and live bands hosted by the venue. You can enjoy the view of the ocean and sip on refreshing drinks when you are tired of dancing.

6. Ocean Annie Myrtle Beach

Ocean Annie is a beachfront bar and nightclub that has been serving the people of Myrtle Beach for 35 years. The best way to beat the heat is by sipping on refreshing drinks while a cool breeze makes the ambiance more pleasant. It is one place that is open during the day, and the parties continue well into the night. The crowd is constantly bumping with tourists at this club because it is housed inside a resort. There is a large dance floor deck that doubles as a stage depending on the night of the week. 

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