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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Osaka

1. Ghost Ultra Lounge Osaka

Are you in search of a dance club that will keep you up all night long in Osaka? Then Ghost Ultra Lounge nightclub is the place to be.  Ghost Ultra Lounge is located in Chuo Ward, Nishishinsaibashi in Osaka, Japan. The well-known King of the Nightclub. Fusion of street culture and luxury. Here celebrity DJs spin dance tunes at this stylish hot spot with striking LED lighting & stone floors. Admission is limited to those 20 years and older.

2. Club Life Osaka

Club Life Osaka is a night club in Japan, Osaka, Chuo Ward, Higashi Shinsaibashi, Chrome. In Shinsaibashi, the place to find hip-hop, R&B as well as reggae is at Club Life Osaka. Every night of the week presents a DJ or live act with native Japanese beats and rhymes. Since it’s located in a crowded club area like Shinsaibashi, the club offers specials every night in order to remain competitive with both locals and tourists. On any given night, the bar gives away free, random shots to partygoers and during the weekend the club stays open until late into the night.

3. Grand Slam Osaka

Foreigner-friendly gay bar that hosts regular dance parties and events. The Grand Slam is located in the heart of Doyama gay scene and it’s open 7 nights a week.

4. The Pink Osaka

The Pink is the largest club in Osaka / Minami, one of the most popular downtown areas in the world. The interior is the world’s first attempt, a fascinating space that is colored in all pink and gives an uplifting feeling. The glossy pink that is not too sweet creates a fashionable and mature night, and high-quality music of all genres centered on Hip – Hop echoes throughout the five senses, giving a fantastic time. The interior of the store, which is studded with artwork by up-and-coming artist Buggy, who handles various designs.

5. Club Bambi Osaka

Come to Bambi in the heart of Osaka, Shinsaibashi, where you can get charged up and dance your cares away! For the young party-lovers of Japan, this is the place to be!

6. Club Piccadilly Umeda Osaka

During your night out and stuck where to go for nightlife in Osaka then Club Piccadilly Umeda is the place to be. The club is located  at Umeda Plaza bldg., 8-17 Taiyuji-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi. It’s a nightclub and theater style entertainment space located a 10-minute walk from Umeda Station. The club opened in 2014 and operates out of a largely unmodified movie theater once known to locals as the Umeda Piccadilly. Everywhere one looks, one can see the facility’s movie theater heritage, but neon signs and modern fountains also engender an atmosphere appropriate to the modern day Piccadilly Circus. The space can also be rented out for events like wedding afterparties.

7. Pure Osaka

Looking no further than Pure Osaka on your night out at Osaka. Pure Osaka has a state-of-the-art venue for varied nightclubbing in a trendy venue with a full bar. It’s located in the center of Osaka’s Shinsaibashi district just 1 min from the Glico Man Sign on the Dotonbori Canal has been rocking Japan for the past 14 years. With an authentic New York club culture, the hottest current music, and a varied selection of local & imported drinks, PURE OSAKA is undoubtedly a must-see place within the Kansai area and is often visited by local & international celebrities, Internationally renowned DJs who perform at the venue, travelers from all around the world, and of course the friendly Osaka locals.

8. Club Circus Osaka

In search of an intimate nightclub on your night out at Osaka then Club Circus is the place to head. The nightclub has a no-frills industrial vibe & eclectic lineup of music events. The moment you pull open the large soundproof door that leads to Osaka‘s  Circus nightclub, the sound that greets you is utterly different to all the other clubs in the area.

9. Club Palette Osaka

Experiencing a night out worth remembering at Osaka is by no doubts being at Club Palette. Club Palette is a night club in Osaka, Japan. Here you will find breathtaking music, drinks, friendly people, dancing, taking great photos, being luxurious as a VIP. “Palette” is a brand new big box club where every customer can enjoy themselves in their own color. “Palette” will be established in the middle of Shinsaibashi!

10. Giraffe Osaka

Nightlife at Osaka is not a fun night without you having fun at Giraffe Osaka. Giraffe is Osaka’s most centrally located nightclub, open every day of the week with exciting parties on 4 different floors. On each floor, Osaka’s best DJs play today’s biggest hits ranging from Hip Hop to EDM. All you can drink options are available, as well as dozens of affordable VIP table plans.

11. Osaka Night Fusion Osaka

Enjoy your night out while in Osaka at Osaka Night Fusion and you will rest assured it will be memorable. Osaka Night Fusion” was first produced to hype up the energy of the nightlife in Osaka.

12. Osaka Club Ammona Osaka

Looking for a luxurious Club in Osaka to be on your night out then Osaka Club Ammona is the club to end to.   This is where Osaka’s most discerning club-goers turn for a night of luxury a cut above the rest. The lofty ceiling and iconic figure-8 design has earned Ammona’s distinctive title The Infinity Space. The club is located conveniently in the heart of Osaka’s nightlife district Minami, a place that never sleeps.

13. Sam and Dave One Osaka

If you’re interested in going out to a nightclub or getting a feel for the nightlife while in Osaka visiting the No.1 International club Sam and Dave one is a must do. On any day of the week there is a fun packed audience with many overseas visitors creating an international vibe. In comparison to other nightclubs in Osaka Sam and Dave ONE is one of the only nightclubs with all English speaking staff to help make any visitor feel welcome to Osaka. With great music, ranging from hip-hop to R&B and TOP 40 all Mix, Sam and Dave ONE has most music genres covered. The Club also prides themselves on reasonably priced drinks and great food so let’s enjoy the music with video and don’t forget the tequila time.

14. G2 Osaka

Get ready to experience club life like you’ve never seen before! All this you will get at G2 nightclub in Osaka. Here every night Japan’s biggest DJs keep the dance floor moving until the sun comes up. With a clean venue, great music, awesome staff, the crowd is mature and gets wild. G2 Plus is known usually with a good balance of women to men ratio – An important part of the experience. Usually women who are feeling the music go toward the front of the stage to get the full effect of the great music, stunning light shows, and the “Funktion One” sound system.

15. Owl Osaka

For a worthwhile night out at Osaka  you should aim to have fun at OWL Osaka. Consider your search for Osaka’s best nightclub. A nightclub where adults who know the true quality of time gather. A unique space that is particular about all the “best”.

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