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For a worthwhile night out at Osaka  you should aim to have fun at OWL Osaka. Consider your search for Osaka’s best nightclub. A nightclub where adults who know the true quality of time gather. A unique space that is particular about all the “best”.

It was born in 2012 as a landmark of the night scene at a terminal station representing Kansai that can be fully accessed from all over Kinki such as Osaka, Kobe, and Kyoto, and has since grown into a top-class night club in Japan and is resident. 

Hundreds of locals, as well as expats and travelers from all over the world, crowd into Owl nightly, creating a diverse atmosphere where the only thing everyone has in common is a desire to sweat and have fun. Spacious and stylish to boot, Owl is easily one of the best places in town to form new relationships, whether they last one night or a lifetime. 

Beloved, high energy tunes ranging from today’s Top 40 hits to upbeat songs of past decades draw partiers nonstop to the spacious dance floor. Bright lights and energetic dancers spice up the vibe. A giant LCD screen — one of the largest in Japan — displays stellar visuals as the non-stop beats blast from a superb sound system. Laid-back, English-speaking staff spread the good vibes . Even if you’re brand new to Japan and don’t speak the local language, the staff at Owl will make you feel welcome. Accommodating and attentive, Owl’s bartenders and bouncers are known for their friendly service. 

The party gets going earlier than at most clubs, with the doors opening at 7 pm nightly (if it sounds odd to party on a weeknight, clearly this is your first time visiting Osaka). It’s cheaper to show up early, too — before 9 pm men get discounted entry and women enter for free! A stellar VIP getaway is reserved for serious partiers.

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