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Enjoy your night out while in Osaka at Osaka Night Fusion and you will rest assured it will be memorable. Osaka Night Fusion” was first produced to hype up the energy of the nightlife in Osaka.

The first “theatrical” show goes with six themes. “Gloss”, “Temptation”, “Mai”, “Dance”, “Han” , “Surprise”. This performance show is the fusion of DJ, Dancers, Kabuki actors,Japanese Musical Instruments Players, Magicians, and Human Beat Boxers, along with special Japanese-style dance music. The theme of the second show is “Feast”. It has an interactive and participative show with the whole audience. The audience feels the energy of the dance floor full of exciting visuals and lightning production, listening to the globally popular dance music where you feel like being in an enormous outdoor festival.

Osaka Night Fusion has a fundamental element of night culture built around the energetic music and visual spectacle of a DJ performance. This all-new show fuses Japanese tradition with modern dance music to produce an exciting live experience augmented with dance choreography and classical Japanese instruments. Discover a one-of-a-kind collaboration showcase only possible in Japan. OSAKA NIGHT FUSION” has a structure that sets it apart from conventional events, and it is a show that you can enjoy in two parts, an “appreciation type” style and a “participatory type” style live concert. Taking advantage of the atmosphere and music unique to Japan , the stage will proceed under the five themes of “gloss,” “mai,” “fan,” “strange,” and “surprise .”

You can enjoy the special performances of a wide variety of performers along with the Japanese-style dance music remix created exclusively for “OSAKA NIGHT FUSION”.

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