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In search of an intimate nightclub on your night out at Osaka then Club Circus is the place to head. The nightclub has a no-frills industrial vibe & eclectic lineup of music events. The moment you pull open the large soundproof door that leads to Osaka‘s  Circus nightclub, the sound that greets you is utterly different to all the other clubs in the area.

This is the sort of club where the patrons are used to old school legends scratching records, knowing that the listeners will understand the technical aspects of every scratch. It’s where three-hour-long experimental hip hop sets take place; and where European bands with unpronounceable names rearrange sonic canvases into twisted experimental art. Here people who are really into the art of clubbing. Once you have adapted to the unique sounds coming from the speaker, you might want to head to the dance floor.

Club Circus has an intimate dance space to the futuristic-looking VIP area, Circus is the sort of club where you’d expect to find the sounds that your future grandkids will consider cutting edge. It is a club where you can enjoy music of various genres such as Techno, House, Drum & Bass, Hip-Hop. With a mix of DJs both famous and underground, this small-ish but always packed dance club is loud, intense and frequented by committed fans of the dance music scene and Osaka nightlife. Live acts, especially hip hop and old-school record-scratching acts, also are in the mix at Club Circus. Experimental and more artistic music-based performance art sometimes makes it into the event calendar as well.

The midnight music is great, especially during the weekend. Here you will find a good line-up and an even greater atmosphere! Cool spot! Intimate dance floor and cute bartenders.

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