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Experiencing a night out worth remembering at Osaka is by no doubts being at Club Palette. Club Palette is a night club in Osaka, Japan. Here you will find breathtaking music, drinks, friendly people, dancing, taking great photos, being luxurious as a VIP. “Palette” is a brand new big box club where every customer can enjoy themselves in their own color. “Palette” will be established in the middle of Shinsaibashi!

Women and men, formal and casual, experienced clubbers and newcomers, those who want to have fun until the last train and those who want to have fun until the morning, we have something for everyone! Club Palette aims to provide a mature nightclubbing experience in the heart of Shinbashi Osaka. Featuring two different dance floors featuring today’s biggest dance songs and Osaka’s most popular DJs. VIP tables are also available at a variety of price ranges with incredible bottle service. Open every day of the year from 10 pm till late. Join us for a truly exciting night out.

Big club with 2 floors and a balcony, each with different music. The party here is always good, highly recommended.

Awesome club! They play a lot of different music styles, people are really nice and there are nice drinks. Nice place to go with friends and meet new people. Super clean and spacious and has lockers to store your things in. 

Music, drinking, meeting, dancing, taking wonderful pictures, going gorgeous with VIP. There are various ways to enjoy the club depending on the customer. Women and men, formal and casual, various club experienced people, club beginners, those who want to enjoy until the last train until the morning Everyone who wants to have fun, everyone! What color of night do you enjoy on the palette this summer? “

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