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Ghost ultra lounge Osaka, Guide & Review

Are you in search of a dance club that will keep you up all night long in Osaka? Then Ghost Ultra Lounge nightclub is the place to be.  Ghost Ultra Lounge is located in Chuo Ward, Nishishinsaibashi in Osaka, Japan. The well-known King of the Nightclub. Fusion of street culture and luxury. Here celebrity DJs spin dance tunes at this stylish hot spot with striking LED lighting & stone floors. Admission is limited to those 20 years and older. 

Ghost Ultra Lounge is a club in Amemura, the center of alternative lifestyles in Osaka. It opened in 2014 and caters to both young Japanese and foreign patrons, with the staff being foreigner-friendly and trying their best to communicate in English. It has a center dance floor and a lounge area, featuring also a stage for dance shows. Being in Amemura, it flows with the crowd and plays a lot of hip-hop, with Saturdays also seeing a top 40 mix. Ghost also invites guest Japanese and international DJs to its decks. 

The music ranges from R’n’B to Hip Hop or House and gives you the chance to move your body to the beat. International guests are warmly welcomed within and the staff will take good care of you. Note that the party usually starts late here, so best drop by around midnight.

This place is definitely a club!! Great club indeed for your amazing night out. Good bouncers and staff are friendly and have awesome service. The drinks are pretty reasonable and the people that go are awesome too.

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