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Grand Slam Osaka, Guide & Review

Foreigner-friendly gay bar that hosts regular dance parties and events. The Grand Slam is located in the heart of Doyama gay scene and it’s open 7 nights a week.

This hotspot has no flash in the pan, and for good reason. This bar, lounge, and karaoke spectacle accommodates 20-30 people comfortably, which is just the right size for a bit of schmoozing. You can find a place at the bar or a comfy seat in the back, but you’ll want to head toward the back if you are going to try your hand at karaoke. Not to worry, you sound better than you think when you’re singing – there’s software in the karaoke machine to ensure that!

English-speaking staff, he will do his best to make it a nice stay. This means finding a good place for you to sit when you come in (at the bar, in the lounge area, or off to the side even), getting that drink to you exactly as you like it, and perhaps even doing a little matchmaking, should you have the inclination. It’s also just as easy to simply sit back and enjoy the show.

When it’s time to ramp up the party, it’s got to be karaoke! And while intimate karaoke is nice, add in a light show and a smoke machine and the party gets even better. It can be quite a grand experience, and as gay as you want it to be, depending on what kind of diva’s songs you choose to sing!

Ultimately, it’s getting to know people in just the right size venue that makes a Grand Slam a winner. While it is unabashedly a gay bar, expect to find a mixed crowd, with reasonable prices. A lively, upbeat space, and a way to have a great time in a comfortable pressure-free environment.

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