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BLITZ Club Munich, Guide & Review

BLITZ has always been a place of forward-thinking visions. By 2017 it was transformed into a multifunctional venue, consisting of three mainstays. Sustainable state-of-the-art design and a unique sound experience fused into a room-in-room concept are in the spotlight of BLITZ club. An open kitchen area and a panorama window front offer bright and warm ambience at BLITZ restaurant. BLITZ garden convinces with its vibrant and sunny location by the river. Whether running special cultural events, showcasing your products or exhibitions in a contemporary environment: we are looking forward to share and implement ideas with you.

You can stand in front of the club at night on the weekend and have no idea of what’s going on inside: there are no signs, there is no commotion and you can’t even hear any music. The entrance is only visible as a result of the queue, which gradually disappears into one of many inconspicuous doors. After passing through the vestibule and cloakroom and the sidebar, one walks on a path of Solnhofen tiles into the club’s increasingly audible epicentre. Once on the dance floor guests will finally be struck by the full force of an incredibly powerful yet extremely refined sound system, which appears to double in the symmetrical, almost church-like interiors made of black steel and beech laminated veneer lumber. 

The conversion was in quintessence limited to the walls and floors. The latter consists of loosely laid black and comparatively soft waterproof plywood panels that are highly suitable for dancing. What the architects developed here under the succinct working title of ‘beach chair’ is in reality a sophisticated and soundproof element that has been developed down to the very last detail. Everything had an astonishing level of aesthetics and, together with the music and the warm wooden walls, it leaves you in a mood that is hard to describe.

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