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On a quest for the perfect sound experience, “Bob Beaman Music Club” was established in 2010. Bob offers a unique architectural design, which delivers a one of state of the art sound experience, whether it’s house music on Fridays or HipHop beats on Saturdays. Primarily, Bob Beaman is supposed to be fun and about good times. The Bob Beaman Music Club is a great simple small club with superb sound focused on the essence with the motto “Vote for Music!”

The club is not too big, so no space is wasted! Everywhere you turn, people are dancing. Booths are tucked away behind the DJ’s booth, and people are dancing even there. The back wall has a small raised area, which keeps things interesting; Nonetheless the door policy keeps the place from getting overcrowded, so even at the high point of the night, you still have space to dance. The club was named after the 1968 long jump Olympic Champion and long time world record holder Bob Beamon, because the crew behind the club has a tradition of naming their paces after athletes.

The pretty small club is very famous in Munich, so it helps to get there relatively early. The music at the club is a mix of different kinds of electro and house music, but also funk, soul and hip-hop. Entrance to the Bob Beamon Music Club costs €10, and you get a beer for €3.5. For more than eight years, the Bob Beaman Club played in the race for the favor of the Munich night owls, many legendary nights have played in the scene spot on the Gabelsbergerstraße 4. In the beginning, especially the electronics group found a new home here, but over the years the hip-hop fans felt more and more comfortable within the top four walls and on the beautiful summer terrace. 

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