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Bobino Club Milan, Guide & Review

Been having a stressful time and want some to relax? Or just looking to dance the night away? Whatever your reasons to go out, Bobino Club is the place for you if you are in Italy and want to have a good time. Ask anyone and they’ll tell you that it is one of the best clubs out there, from having a “Bobino Sunday Lounge” on Sundays, with a dinner buffet, to having a summer season environment from May to September, it is catered to your every desire. It also has an outdoor garden that has a dance floor and palm trees, and the insides of the club have a lavish-looking interior with leather sofas. The Thursdays there are devoted to the Italian theme, with live concerts to Italian music by the DJ who makes you want to get up and dance no matter how tired you feel! The club has a huge space of 6,000 square meters on two floors with a variety of drinks and cocktails to choose from by skilled bartenders, to delicious dishes made in the kitchen at the club by expert chefs. If you really wish to make your trip to Italy memorable, visiting Bobino Club will set that plan in motion for sure.


Bobino Club is easy to find, as it is one of the most famous clubs in Italy! It is located in Milan, where people visit from all over the world to have a good time. The exact location of the Bobino Club is Alzaia Naviglio Grande, 116, 20144 Milano MI, Italy.

VIP Table Guide

Who doesn’t want to be treated in a way that makes them feel special? Particularly when it’s a big day for you, for example, your birthday! And choosing a club which can cater to your needs on that day is very important. Most people want to be a VIP guest that day wherever they go, and so, being a VIP at the club is equally important. Bobino has got you covered for that. Being a VIP guest at Bobino means that all your fees for the club will be included and paid with the VIP table charge, which you can pay by cash or card at the club door. You’ll get a VIP entry at the door and all mixers and water will be included in the charge. Moreover, the alcohol spend is included in the table minimum, you get a designated hostess, the cover is included for VIP guests and a lot more!

Bottle Service Prices

The bottle prices must be obtained from the Bobino Club via Whatsapp. From Champagne to Tequila, all alcohol prices will be communicated to you upon request. However, the prices can be changed by the club without any prior notice, so always make sure to call ahead. Furthermore, the bartenders are very helpful and skilled in your taste.

The Dress Code for VIPs

The dress code at Bobino’s for men includes no beachwear, no open or sports footwear and no vulgar T-shirts; they are recommended to wear a shirt & dress pants. Basically, nothing should be inappropriate. For women, they shouldn’t wear any beachwear either, and the outfit they choose to wear should not be too revealing. Heels are not required but are encouraged.

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