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Central 111 Virginia Beach, Guide & Review

Do you want to experience something new and different? Then consider Central 111, a modern nightclub located on the Great Neck Road in Virginia Beach. The theme of this establishment is inspired by South Beach Miami style, and you can expect them to serve tapas and have a lively crowd. Central 111 doubles as a restaurant so you can have a full steak dinner before you hit the dance floor. It is a large and versatile venue, so it is the best place for Lemon Pepper Chicken and dancing to the latest techno beats.


The hybrid nightclub has a very classy vibe which you can tell from the sleek interior design. The venue has neon lighting, visual displays, and sound equipment to keep everyone bopping all night long. You can even unwind with a Hookah after dinner, and the flavoured tobacco will keep you buzzed while you wait on your drinks. The bar is fully stocked with the best local and imported beer, wines, spirits and draughts. The bartenders are trained mixologists who can put together any cocktail or concoction of your preference. You can even book a VIP table and order bottle service at Central 111.


If you are looking for a change of pace and are tired of traditional clubbing experiences, then Central 111 is where you should be. It is a venue where you can expect the unexpected and also experience new things. The staff here pushes the borders of creativity, be it the chef and the food or the DJ and his playlist. You can eat, drink, dance and be merry all under one roof! The atmosphere is very chill, and you will find like-minded individuals on the dance floor. Central 111 is the best place to go when you are in the mood to hit the town and meet someone new.

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