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Chemistry Virginia Beach, Guide & Review

Chemistry is an oceanfront nightclub in Virginia Beach, and their tagline “everyone is welcome” explains the vibe. They attract locals and tourists alike because of this message. The venue serves food during the early hours, but it is all dancing and drinks once the night progresses. The staff there maintains a fully stocked bar, and the bartenders are locals who are always there to serve you with a smile. The DJ’s playlist at Chemistry is bound to please everyone because it includes almost every genre of music. Whether you are young or old, you will find yourself fitting right in with the crowd here.


The club hosts happy hour throughout the week from 6 to 9 pm, which brings in a large crowd. Often these corporate slaves stay longer and become the life of the dance floor. The food and drinks menu also changes every day so you will never get bored of Chemistry. They have a fire out in the patio during the winter months to keep people warm if the energetic dancing is not their thing. The atmosphere here is always lively because it is where people come to drink away their stress and dance away the insecurities they get from the world.


The general atmosphere at Chemistry is always welcoming because their staff is very hospitable. The bouncers are not only for show but make sure it is a safe space for all patrons. Their DJ does not play the same old songs repeatedly so that you can go every night of the week, and the setlist will always be fresh. That is why the dance floor is always crowded with regular couples and groups. If you are visiting Virginia Beach, then this is one place you need to see to get a sense of the local community.

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