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RY Lounge Virginia Beach, Guide & Review

One alluring establishment that has all the Virginia Beach charm is RY Lounge. It is located on the oceanfront and offers an excellent atmosphere for whoever wants to have a fun night out. The nightclub has a wide selection of drinks available and special cocktails on the menu. You can even order bottle service here and expect to see some friendly faces, especially the staff. RY Lounge is a place where you can relax and let your hair down. There is usually something exciting happening here on the weekends, so keep it on your list of places to visit.


The RY Lounge also doubles as a hookah bar, so you can order a tobacco pipe in different flavours and enjoy the fruity smoke while you are lounging on the sofas. They also have a variety of bar food on their menu, and it is highly recommended that you try their wings. If you celebrate a special occasion, the servers will come out with sparklers and other decorative items to make your night even more special. The atmosphere here is very modern, and it stays open till late. RY Lounge is an excellent place to visit alone or with a group of friends.


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