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Peabody’s Virginia Beach, Guide & Review

If you are visiting Virginia Beach and want to explore the local nightlife, Peabody’s is a great place to start. The nightclub is located a stone’s throw from all the oceanfront hotels, so it is always filled with tourists. This venue has been serving the local population since 1967 and is known for its happening dance floor. You will always find a party happening at Peabody’s, and the DJ will be keeping the atmosphere lively all night long. The club opens up early, so it is also a great place for happy hour, and you can expect those people to stay for the music.


Located on Hampton Road, this club is known for its great bartenders. They will serve you refreshing drinks and have many food items for those who did not dance to grab dinner. The vibes at this establishment remain constant until closing time because the DJ has an extensive collection of hip-hop, rock, techno, house and top 40 music to keep everyone in the mood. The typical crowd at Peabody’s is younger than other clubs because you need stamina and vivacity to keep up with the music. They have a lot of promotions on cover charges and drinks to attract the college students as well.


Peabody’s is known for throwing wild parties every season, and you will be missing out if you do not attend one of those. Make sure you check out their website before planning a visit so you can attend any upcoming events. They also have a stage where live bands from all over the state perform. It is also the place to catch a show. The security is top-level to ensure everyone has a good time, but the dress code is strict; hence you have to dress to impress!

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