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Cord Club Munich, Guide & Review

South Seas romance on the dance floor with views of the busy main road at night… Cord is an institution which (as the name suggests) wants to be more informal and casual. The music is not, the focal point is 70s feeling that gives the Club good vibe. The celebratory mood and dripping wet all walls are the cool consequence of the concept. Super nice people and good DJ’s, the prices are in the Munich-based standard. It is the right address for those who feel in good hands with indie and alternative. Also the bouncers not so hard are here like in the famous atomic café.

Cord opened in March 2004. It’s a very relaxed bar, but still stylish. Full of well dressed students. But turn up in your favorite 7-year old t-shirt and torn jeans and no one will care. Music genre is special each night of the week and caters to most tastes. They generally have a DJ to spin the vinyl. You will get reasonably priced drinks. And best of all – an admirable 1st floor place overlooking Sonnenstrasse. With the awesome music, people are constantly dancing. Casual outfit is allowed. You could have a problem in the entrance if you are a big group of boys. It is warm in the inside also in winter.

The music is also very consistent. However, over time the club became fuller and fuller. At some point you could not stand anywhere without being jostled permanently. Also it took, because of the many people, forever until you got new drinks and also the way to the toilet took up to twenty minutes. Pleasant atmosphere, nice people, capable bartenders, actually everything to recommend. Good mix of music, a bit retro, but an amazing view of the hustle and bustle on the sunny street.

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