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First doors open for the Crash Club was in 1968 at the location where Strom venue is a refuge for Indie fans today. The older Crash Club was one of the biggest Rock locations Munich had to offer back in the 60s and 70s. Famous groupie Uschi Obermaier and the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Uriah Heep, Led Zeppelin, and Udo Lindenberg had been on the guest list of this very place. In 1993, they moved to student district Schwabing. Still today, a Rock focused party location, with the DJ playing everything from Classic Rock to Progressive, from Hard Rock to Nu Metal.

The Crash is a club in Schwabing, not far from Giselastraße underground station. Here guests are allowed from the age of 16, but only until midnight – then all minors have to go out and the party continues for all adults. The prices are very cheap and therefore attractive especially for students. For some, the crash is “the grandmother of all discos”, while others blaspheme, puberty pimples face age-related wrinkles, especially at midnight, when shift change is in the audience. At any rate, it is important to recognize that this dance and drinking club is a phenomenon that reflects fifty years of Munich history – and just as much a special Munich lifestyle.

There are many occasions when your own home is too small or the portable radio is too quiet, the neighbors are not tolerant enough or the corporate ambience does not match the style of the party. For these cases (birthday, graduation, lottery win, anniversary, giant business …) you can rent the CRASH. Their offer ranges from the premises to service and music to the Schlemmmer buffet. For events with a minimum of 100 guests, they can offer a package of services that everyone will be satisfied with (even the one who has to pay the bill at the end).

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