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The Crux won the 2015 Munich Nightlife Awards Best Club (Music) awards and is one of the few nightclubs of the city within walking distance from Marienplatz. The Crux is relatively small, so the bouncers take a closer look at you sometimes. Small nightclub with low-lit interior, hosting DJs playing hip-hop, electro, disco & rock music. The Crux in Munich is one of the few clubs near Marienplatz. But not only the location is unique, so is the music. In addition, the Residents are trying to hang up in the Crux again and again, new DJs, so it is not always the same. There is a lot of Hip Hop, RnB and Black – for lovers the perfect alternative to the Crowns Club , which unfortunately is at the Ostbahnhof. 

The Crux Club itself is really overcrowded and (not only because of that) always well filled. On the dancefloor, always a crazy heat and the mood really cool! The entrance fees are from 5 € (Wednesday) to 10 € (weekend); of course, slightly higher for special acts. The doormen are a bit stricter. Anyone who gets too drunk or “assi” here has bad cards. Guys should always come with a female companion. Crux doesn’t only mix excellent cocktails at their bar, but they also mix and play rad music as well.

Every Wednesday is the so-called mixed Wednesday in the Crux. The special thing about it is that music from different genres are mixed and thus provides great variety. However, the focus is still on Hip Hop, RnB and Black. Great music and high-quality sound resonates the entire place as they only use the best sound equipment for a fun night. Above the Crux and thus directly from the club to reach is the pizzeria, where you can eat Bavarian food or drink a beer in between comfortably at the table.

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