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This place can be a stepping stone for the people looking out to explore the Munich nightlife areas. The dive bar is not a pretentious cocktail bar as the place has a very welcoming atmosphere where one can enjoy cheap gin tonics and classy cocktail drinks. Dive Bar is a cool place to spend some fun time with your friends.

The Boazn concept is not only found in old-established pubs. New bars are also inspiring. So also the Dive Bar in Gärtnerplatzviertel.  For the maritime decoration the term dive fits better than the soft Bavarian Boazn. A word that communicates like no other, that you can make a deep bond here with bar stools, bar and beer glass. The Dive Bar, on the other hand, can be thought of as a place for seafarers. Although they can sink well, but the longing for the distance is almost a job for them. A large drawn sailing ship entwined with red roses hangs on the wall. It reminds, like the other pictures, of tattoo motifs and fits the rockabilly style that runs through the pub. Little pictures of pin-up girls stick in the insides of the lamps above the counter.

If bars have a past life, the Dive Bar was once a classic Boazn. Before, the corkscrew, an offshoot of the bottle opener on Fraunhoferstraße, was at home here. Although nobody drank beer in the morning at the Dive Bar, the pub did not throw tradition overboard. The room is perfect for a dive bar. When 15 people drink in the dive bar, the little pub feels pleasantly full. There is hardly any room to sit, but the counter is even better. The atmosphere is friendly, the boss and bartender converses with his guests, but does not press on.

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