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Eddy’s Rock Club Munich, Guide & Review

Eddy’s Rock Club is a small, cosy rock club in Munich. Every third Saturday of the month, you can listen to the finest live music. Eddy’s Rock Club is just a few steps away from the venue Tonhalle and in the midst of a greater nightlife area. Classic Rock and Hard Rock tunes meet nicely designed bar. There’s a live stage as well as hosting cover bands and smaller acts. Theme nights include Depeche Mode sounds or alike. No entry, no dress code, no VIPs. They have 100% rock in a casual atmosphere. Until the wee hours of the morning they celebrate the quivering rock sound with Augustiner beer, tequila, uncle Jack and exquisite single malt whiskey.

Energetic watering hole providing cocktails & live rock bands in a playful, intimate setup. Eddy’s rock club is a starting point for real guys. This is not about age or origin, but about rock on rock. Here meet friends and strangers, Schlipsträger and students, party girls and Metallers. This colorful mix makes every evening unique. If you’re in the mood for live rock music, watch out for live events in a loose order. Several times a year they bring hip rock acts and cover bands to the club. (Bands with admission)

Rock is more than just music – it is an attitude that connects everyone. This club love rock in all its facets, whether old or new and no matter what sub-genre. Whether Pink Floyd, AC / DC, Queen, the Toten Hosen, Manowar or Metallica. Celebrate your birthday or just party right? That goes with them…YEAH ROCK’N ROLL. Thursday from 6 pm, Friday and Saturday from 4 pm to 11 pm. From 25 persons to 120 persons. Catering can be brought. Drinks must be purchased at the club. Own DJ can be brought.

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