EDM Clubs in Ibiza

You’re looking for the absolute best clubbing options in Ibiza if yo uwant to dance to EDM…

So on this page, you’ll find the official shortlist of the best EDM clubs in Ibiza. (More in-depth further below)

It seems like the whole world is in Ibiza with EDM clubs taking the most of night life. Ibiza clubs usually hosts the biggest artists and DJs in the EDM industry and the venues regularly holding events that are making history in the electronic music industry. Ibiza strives to create a space that is welcoming to thousands of music lovers from all over the world.

In terms of dress code at Ibiza Electronic nightclubs guys can wear nice jeans and a form fitting plain t-shirt or a nice button down shirt. Girls wear jeans or a comfortable but stylish dress if they prefer. If the nightclub has tickets, it is recommendable to buy in advance during the weekends and during special events.EDM Clubs in Ibiza include: Hi Ibiza, Eden, Heart Ibiza, Amnesia, Swag Ibiza Club, Nikki Beach and Cova Santa,

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1. Hi Ibiza

Are you a party reveler in Ibiza? This totally means you need to have to go to some extraordinary party. Then your hunt has ended because Hi, multi-award winning club is just the place for you to be. The place opened in 2017 and since then ithas been lightening up the summers of party goers.

2. Eden Ibiza

Once called Star Club, Eden has now become a superclub of the island of Ibiza. Eden possesses one of the best sound systems in the whole town. Not only the best music system but also the interior of the club is astoundingly awesome. The whole inside of the club has been remade in the recent past. The new architecture and the aesthetics that have been implemented to the club have rendered a brand new charm to Eden.

3. Heart Ibiza

Being Ibiza’s latest clubbing, art, and dining temple – Heart Ibiza is a pleasure den of leisure, fun, and free-spiritedness. Heart Ibiza is located in the heart of Ibiza, creating a fusion between music, gastronomy, and art by the Cirque du Soleil and the Adria brothers. Hence, Heart is the exclusive place where one can enjoy the expertise of Adria brothers, the spell working of Cirque du Soleil and the unmatched swank of the clubbing experience.

In Conclusion

On your night out opt to head to EDM Clubs in Ibiza to immerse yourself to musical shows and performances that the clubs puts in place. Keep in mind that many Ibiza Electronic nightclubs are more exclusive and require bottle service to get in.

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