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folks! club Munich, Guide & Review

Folks! Club is your classic disco at Sendlinger Tor in the centre of Munich! It plays music from the 20s to the 70s, but still be ready for some modern influences. Their DJs on vinyls or live bands make you swing with funk, jazz, rock’n’roll and electro-swing. It’s the mix of their music that makes you return. Come along and don’t forget your dancing shoes!


A location with dazzling background, after all, the first league, the Yip Yab and the Kiddo were already housed here before. The young restaurateurs have turned this easily spent place into a cozy living room where you can go on a journey through time. There are some Art Deco elements, from the ceilings hanging 1930s chandeliers, the walnut wood reminiscent of the fifties, the gaudy wallpaper in orange to the seventies. The design reflects the musical spectrum of the club. The sound comes from the record here, and it’s about as good as anything that makes you want to dance.

On the first visit on a Friday evening, you could experience well-trained swing veterans in their mid-twenties on the dance floor before 11pm. Then it continued with a live concert and after midnight with a DJ, who was already in the legendary Atomic Café. The audience is as mixed as the music on the turntable; chic and oblique, styled and demolished to keep the balance – but still the curiosity factor is high. Good drinks are a matter of course, but folks do not bother. But the prices for this downtown location are relatively cheap (Löwenbräu costs 3.50 euros, 0.2 liters of white wine 6.50 euros, the drinks a maximum of ten euros), there are also, for local patriots, schnapps from a private distillery on the Ammersee. Everything neat and no reason to complain. 

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