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Gattopardo Milan, Guide & Review

A night club inside the remains of a church is not something you see every day, and it is definitely something to experience when in Milan. A location with a strong and passionate emotional aspect, Gattopardo Café is the ultimate location in Milan to host all kinds of parties, events and of course, amazing club nights. With a magnificent chandelier hanging right above the dance floor, the Gattapardo night club really gives a unique ambiance to a night club scene as never seen before.

The only church in the world with a disco, Gattopardo Café is definitely something you should not miss!

This is the ultimate guide to Gattopardo Café and will tell you everything you need to know about what you need to do (and what you need to avoid) to get into the Gattopardo Café night club.

Dress Code & Age Requirement

One of the most luxurious and unique night clubs of Milan, the dress code for Gattopardo Café is complementary to everything else to do with the club; highly elegant and sophisticated is the key. There is a very strict door policy for this club, and you are advised to dress up if you want to gain entry here. For the ladies, wearing your best, most glamorous dresses would be the best option. You can also experiment with some snazzy crop tops and trousers to really draw all eyes on you. Of course, don’t forget to pair it up with an amazing pair of heels. For the gents, a dress shirt, trousers, and formal shoes would be the best option. Of course, you can also experiment with chinos, but shorts and t-shirts are a complete no-no!

As for the age requirement, as long as you are above 18, you should face absolutely no issues with gaining entry into the club.

Weekly Program

Open from Tuesdays to Sundays till 5 am in the morning, Gattopardo Café has a different program for each night of the week.

Many famous artists and DJ’s often visit Gattopardo Café to play their sets for the patrons here. Of course, most of the music here is either hip-hop or club music which is the best kind of music to dance to on the massive dance floors of the club. To know more about the weekly events and parties being held at Gattopardo Café, visit the official website or the Facebook page of Gattopardo Café!

Music Style

Gattopardo Café is the place of paradoxes. As if a night club and disco inside a church weren’t enough of a surprise, the music played inside the club is even more surprising! From hip hop, to house, and lots of commercial dance music being played at the club, Gattopardo Café makes sure that it plays something for all kinds of party goers here.

There are some wonderful sets played by some popular artists and DJ’s here, and if you are interested in listening to a particular artist, you can find out when they play their sets by checking the weekly program schedule and the events schedule of Gattopardo Café online.

Average Line, Guest Lists, Tickets & Entry Price

With an average entrance fee of about 10 to 15 Euros depending on the night, the average line could keep you waiting for about a quarter of an hour on normal nights, to even longer on busier nights. You can get your names up on the Guest Lists and avoid fussing over these unnecessary lines.

VIP Tables & Bottle Service

VIP Tables at Gattopardo Café begin from 600 Euros, of course, the prices can shoot up depending on what kind of events or parties are being held on any given night. You can enjoy some of the best champagnes, vodka, gin, rum and a variety of other delicious cocktails here, as well as enjoy amazing bottle service.

The very ambiance, décor, and music (which is thankfully not blaring at this club to the point of making you deaf once you are done) are so wonderful, that splurging a little on a VIP table and bottle service just seems like the best decision to take here.

Drink Prices

The drink prices at Gattopardo Café are actually quite reasonable compared to other clubs, especially taking into account just how popular this club is. The drinks start at 10 Euros, however, most cocktails won’t cost you more than 15 Euros. You can enjoy some of the most delicious cocktails (none of which have been watered down!) for about 12 Euros at an average.

Our Recommendations

The entry fee for Gattopardo Café can vary from one night to another, so it is always best to check up on what kind of events are going on any given night. You should also avoid coming in very late, as the later, you visit the club, the higher the entrance fee seems to shoot up.

Try and avoid carrying jackets and blazers to the club, if you are planning on taking them off anyway. The coat room charges you 4 Euros to keep your jackets and coats which just seems like an unnecessary indulgence.

VIP tables are definitely the way to go at Gattopardo. Everything about this club; from its venue, it’s setting, the décor, the drinks, and the food is simply head-turning. Who would have imagined that you would be able to enjoy an all-nighter with alcohol and music at a church!

Getting to the club is relatively easy by all modes of public transport. However, if you plan on partying it up until the wee hours of the morning, it is probably a good decision to take a taxi back to your destination. You don’t want to risk falling asleep on public transport and have your wallet stolen from you!
You can choose between the upstairs or the downstairs venue at Gattopardo Café since both floors are open for the club-goers after 10 pm. However, keep in mind that booking a table (standard or VIP) will cost you more downstairs than it would for you upstairs.

Gattopardo café is one of the few night clubs which do not have loud, blaring music playing in the club. This is probably a good thing because most clubs have you feeling like you have lost your hearing after you are done with a night of partying there! Gattopardo Café is a unique and extremely popular venue in Milan and is a must-visit.

Now that you know all the rules to gain entry at Gattopardo Café, you are ready to experience a unique and ‘holy’ night of clubbing at Gattopardo Café Club!

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