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Ever since the launch of the record label Harry Klein Records fans of genuine minimal music all around the globe know this night club. The style is a translation of how Andy Warhol would have lived in the 90ies and the small size makes you feel like in your family’s living room. Minimal or Deep House DJs from all around the world come here to entertain the very enjoyable crowd. Prices for drinks are a bit on the high side but although it is spotlessly clean and it never loses its alternative charm.

The Harry Klein is well-known in Munich for its superb Electro, Techno and RnB booking and won the Best Booking category of the 2015 Munich Nightlife Awards and reached the Top 5 in several other categories. There are two floors and huge screens at the walls for visuals, which are one of the trademarks of the Harry Klein. Harry Klein, which reopened in 2010, was named after the ‘‘fetch the car” assistant in the famous German detective series Inspector Derrick. In Harry Klein, a unique, completely sound-proof room-in-room construction made of concrete was created to protect the neighborhood from the outside. Inside, however, an optimal sound experience is realized. The structural design, the projections, the arrangement, the bar – all serve the functionality of the party to celebrate an ideal night as possible.

The club is studded with an open dance floor area and some seats around the perimeter. It features a dj booth space for music acts to take control of the beats, and a contemporary backing screen is located behind the dj booth. Throughout the show, various patterns and colors swirl across the screen as the music pounds through the atmosphere of the dancefloor. Overall, the design is a perfect contemporary example of a European nightlife spot.

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