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An Avant-garde night club which is the brain child of the famous designer Roberto Cavalli, Just Cavalli Club is a glamorous restaurant exclusive night club in Milan. Each aspect of the night club seems to reflect the personal style and creativity of its creator, Roberto Cavalli. Just Cavalli offers its customers a chance to delve into the world of nightlife, clubbing and partying; Cavalli Style.

From gem studded walls in its restaurants, to an international atmosphere in the night club exuding elegance, style and sophistication, Just Cavalli is a benchmark for style and exuberance amongst Milan night clubs. Open every single day of the week, Just Cavalli is more than just a night club experience; it is taking a dip into the pool of exclusivity and elegance which has been so beautifully and minutely crafted by Roberto Cavalli. With high tech audio, sophisticated interiors which play with subdued colours of black, blue and mood lighting, and the animalier motif cushions which are now a signature Cavalli style, Just Cavalli is definitely a head turner and an amazing experience.

Dress Code & Age Requirement

Anyone above the age of 18 will be allowed into Just Cavalli night club without any issues. Keep in mind that you should be able to produce a valid driver’s license or any other ID proof which states that you are above 18 years of age.

As for the dress code for Just Cavalli, the simple motto for this club is: If you do not put any effort, you cannot enter this club. The dress code policy states that you should be dressed in Smart Casuals. You need to dress to impress at this club, and that goes without saying, as it is one of the most exclusive and popular clubs in Milan. You will come across several international artists, DJ’s, designers, and the likes! For the ladies, a smart and sexy dress or club outfit would be the best choice. Remember to put on your best party heels! For the men, a smart, dressy shirt, great trousers and a smart pair of shoes would make you the hit of the night!

Music Style & Parties

Just Cavalli is open every night of the week, and has a unique and interesting schedule lined up.

Monday Nights are known as Teddylicious. With a 10 to 15 (depending on what time you visit) Euro Entrance fee, you can enjoy this night with some of the best DJ’s in Milan.

Tuesday Nights are Be a Diva nights, of course, as the name suggests, don’t forget to dress your best, ladies!

Wednesday nights call for Dinner and Dance nights. A more comfortable, relaxed ambience for you to enjoy a laid back but exciting night at Just Cavalli.

Thursday Nights are Le Soiree nights at Just Cavalli, with some amazing sets by the best DJs.

Friday Nights are known as Paradise, and a paradise it is, at Just Cavalli!

Saturday Nights are Just Dance nights, and you know exactly what you are expected to do!

Finally, after a long week of amazing programs, Sunday Nights at Just Cavalli end with special Sunday programs by some of the best Hip Hop and Raggae artists visiting Milan for the weekend.

With such an exciting weekly program every night of the week, Just Cavalli has something special lined up for all its party lovers. Be sure to check up the official Facebook page for Just Cavalli or check their official website to know more about their parties, events and schedules.

With a rich, international vibe, Just Cavalli is known for hosting some of the most exciting events and parties where famous hip hop artists get a chance to play their sets and woo the crowds. Of course, on other nights, you will find all kinds of other music being played at the club for all kinds of music genre lovers.

Guestlists, Tickets & Entry Price

The entrance to the club goes anywhere from 10 Euros, right up to 40 Euros on some nights! The weekends typically would cost you around 15 to 20 Euros for the entry fee and a free drink, while weekdays can be slightly lesser. However, this totally depends on the events being held at the club during a particular night.

Getting your name on the Guest Lists for Just Cavalli could just about be the smartest decision you could take! Avoid waiting in the long lines for hours and just get your names on the Guest List to go right up to the club without a fuss!

VIP Tables & Bottle Service

For those who can afford if, VIP way is the way to go at Just Cavalli. While the VIP Tables might be slightly on the higher side of your budget, costing you 1200 Euros for a table, you will definitely feel the difference as you enjoy VIP service, bottle service and just an amazing experience at Just Cavalli. For those who want to go in for the complete experience of Just Cavalli, opt for the VIP tables and bottle service.

The cost for standard tables are €300, large standard tables are €600 and VIP tables are €1200 to €1500 (The prices may vary according to special events on each night).

Drink Prices

A cocktail at Just Cavalli would cost you around 10 Euros and slowly steeping prices as you opt for the more sophisticated drinks menu. Of course, keeping in mind how exclusive this venue is, the drink prices are actually quite reasonable in comparison.

Our Recommendations

Even though Just Cavalli is an exclusive venue with a steep entrance fee, it can still get quite crowded. If you want to really experience this place in its entire glory, it is best to book a VIP table, get your names on the Guest List, or simply try and come really early!

The dress code is an extremely integral part of this club. The door policy is extremely strict, and the bouncers hold the right to use the smallest of excuses to send you right back and not allow you entry into the club. Keeping this in mind, it is probably best to follow the dress code policy to the T, just so you can avoid any unnecessary hassles at the front door.

Well, that’s about everything you need to know about Just Cavalli. This night club is truly a benchmark for elegance, sophistication and the height of creativity and fashion in Milan, and is a definite must-visit when you are here!

Just Cavalli Milan Table Booking

For Bottle Service Reservations:

How It Works

Step One

Contact us via Whatsapp, Call or Email

Step Two

We’ll guide you through the table booking details.

Step Three

Just arrive at the VIP entrance of the club, we will have prepated everything for you.

Useful Information for bottle service:

Frequently Asked Questions for VIP Clients

Do you have the Bottle Prices?

Yes, send us a WhatsApp and we’ll give them to you. We shouldn’t publish them online for confidentiality reasons.

Do you have the Table Map?

Yes, similarly to the Bottle Menu, we pass this info via private messages. Send us a WhatsApp and we’ll give them to you.

Until when can I get in with a table reservation?

This differs for each club, for each night, whether the tables are in high demand and whether its high season or not. In any case, I recommend arriving at 1am and your table will be held until 2am for sure. If you plan on arriving later let me know beforehand. But if not your table could be given away if there is a paying client waiting for tables.

Can I choose an exact table?

We can only guarantee an exact table choice for the highest level tables where the minimum is guaranteed by the client. For Basic or VIP tables we can give a preference for Room or Area, but not specific table numbers. Rest assured we aim to always get our clients to the best locations possible for their respective spend.

How does the pricing work?

For VIP tables the pricing is always a certain minimum spend on bottles. The minimum spend varies per night and per club and also per table or area of the club. In general, table minimum spends are higher for better clubs and better locations within those clubs. Better locations mean that you have a better view, are closer to the dance floor, closer to the DJ or perhaps you are the Centrepoint of the clubs attention. Essentially the higher demand tables require a higher spend on bottles. The bottle prices themselves are the same across the entire club. The cover charge is complementary for all VIP table guests as well as the mixdrinks (such as sodas or juices) to go with the alcohol you order. You are also provided with the best service the club has to offer and you’ll have seating available at your table.

What is the difference between a VIP table reservation and a guest list?

Essentially a VIP table client is someone who is buying bottles, has access to a private area within the club, can skip the line and has hostesses. A guest list client is someone who has signed up for the club night beforehand who has better conditions when entering the club. Perhaps free entry, perhaps a discount, perhaps a free drink. However, that’s it. A guest list client will have to line up and does not have access to the VIP area in the club.

Just Cavalli Milan Guest List

Guest List Signup:


How it Works:

Step One

Sign Up on our Guest List, follow the steps below.

Step Two

You Will Recieve an Email Confirmation with entry details and instructions.

Step Three

Say ‘Nightflow’ at the club door or show your Nightflow Pass at the door.

Useful Information

How to get past the door when you’re on the guest list:

  • – The club reserves all rights to deny entry, do NOT give them a reason to
  • – Come prepared: know that to get in you need to say “I’m on the Nightflow List” and be sure you have the email confirmation ready if the bouncer asks you.
  • – For guys: I’d strongly recommend arriving extra early, being on good behaviour in the line or when near the club (don’t bring beer into the line or chug it in front of the club, bouncers don’t like that)
  • – Be sure you bring ID, if you are or look young, bring original copies of your passports. Technically copies are acceptable but bouncers are always suspicious of them. Stay away from fake IDs.
  • – You will find the exact conditions in the confirmation email, they are subject to change
  • – In high season, the line can be 30-45 minutes. I recommend arriving 45 minutes before the cutoff hour for the guest list.
  • – Tip: It helps to go in with attractive women

How to get to Just Cavalli Milan:

Simple! Just use google maps to navigate! In my experience its way more helpful than any guide I could put together, Google maps is super accurate and up to date.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can I put on the guest list?

With the form above you can put as many people on the guest list as you like. I just recommend splitting large groups up into small groups of 4 or 5. Then ideally each group has a separate signup and every group has at least 1 confirmation email they can show at the door.

What if I just turn up and say “I’m on Nightflow List at the door”?

Technically, this is all you need to do. Guest lists these days are “open”, which means you just have to say the guest list name at the club door. The club doesn’t have your name specifically.

Until when can I get in with your guest list?

This differs for each club, for each night and whether you are a man or woman. The conditions for the club and night you’re signed up to will be on the confirmation email I’ll send you.

The bouncers told me I’m not on the guest list after I stood in line. Why?

Now, this is almost always (95% of the time) an excuse to not let you in due to you or your group not being up to dress code standards, due to bad behaviour or that you don’t fit the profile of the club. Bouncers do not like to tell you that you are dressed badly, are too fat, too drunk etc to your face, so they come up with lines like “private event”, “you’re not on the list”, “the club is full” etc. It might simply be because they have already let in too many guys and have stopped letting in male-only groups.

The form will only let me sign up to me +5 guests, but we are a group of 8, what should we do?

This is a deliberate favour for you. My goal is for you to have the best night out and especially the smoothest time at the door. A group of 8 is no problem at all, but its always best if large groups split up into smaller groups so the club door has an easier time dealing with you. In an ideal world, everyone signs up for the guest list themselves and has an email confirmation. If inconvenient, I’d recommend groups of 4-5 max. Then designate a group leader to say “we are on the nightflow list” to the bouncer then ushers the rest of the mini group in.

What is the difference between guest lists and tickets, and which is better?

Guest lists are the clubs incentive for promoters to bring in the right people into the club early. The guest list always has excellent conditions for the night out if you arrive early. Some clubs also have offers with free dinners or free drinks if you arrive early enough. Tickets however usually allow you to skip the line and enter with the ticket all night (as long as the club is full). With a ticket, you are essentially prebuying a drink. And most of the time the offer with the ticket is better than buying the drinks inside. Example: Many tickets include a drink at 10 euros, whereas getting a drink inside the club might cost 12-15 euros. In that case definitely get tickets if you are planning on drinking!

Am I on the VIP list?

To clear this up: most clubs don’t have VIP lists. There are 4 options to get in a club: a VIP table (bottle service) which often includes the entry fee, a presale ticket, paying the cover on the night and finally the regular guest list. Each has its advantages other than just turning up and paying cover, that just plain sucks.

Can I get into the VIP area?

The VIP area is only for VIP guests, its a separate area inside the club where you’ll find tables for the guests that have bought bottles and table service. Occasionally a club will let in groups of great looking girls into the VIP area. Guys will almost always have to pay.

My friend is 17, can I get her in with your list?

Sadly not except if the club has a specific minors night. The club is legally restricted on letting minors in on nights when they serve alcohol. Also, many nights and more upscale clubs will also filter people out at the door due to their age. Always consult the club sessions or our dress code guides to know if you will be able to get into the club.

Hey, I’m at the door! Can you bring me in?

A frequent request, however everyone else in the line is also on the guest list, I’m afraid due to fairness I can’t get you in past the door.

Just Cavalli Milan Dress Code Guide

The hottest and the most exclusive nightclub in Milan, Just Cavalli is a venue which people die to party at. You will find anywhere between 1200 to 3000 people partying at the club during any given night. Of course, this does not mean that the club allows just anyone to enter. A super exclusive venue, Just Cavalli is meant only for the best of the best.
In case you are able to gain entry into Just Cavalli, consider yourself super lucky. However, in order to get in, you will have to follow a very strict dress code policy of the club. Here is a short guide telling you everything you need to know about the dress code guide for Just Cavalli, Milan.

Just Cavalli Dress Code for the Ladies

With a Smart Casual dress code being enforced here at Just Cavalli, you will find most of the ladies here dressed to the nines. Even though the dress code policy states Smart Casual, you need to remember that you are in the fashion capital of the world! This translates to looking glam all the time!
Bring out your beautiful dresses, a coordinated outfit such as a top and trousers or even a skirt. You can even wear a really fancy pair of designer jeans with a top.
As for your shoes, it is time to let the high heels shine. Opt for the most killer pair of high heels you have in your wardrobe and match it well with your club outfit.
Don’t forget to dress your hair too! Some hair accessories would look amazing, or you can just style it up well and let it flow.
If you have tattoos, it’s completely okay! Show them off at Just Cavalli.

Just Cavalli Dress Code for the Gents

The Smart Casual dress code policy at Just Cavalli simply means that; no effort, no entry! You cannot expect to just put on a shirt and some jeans and gain entry into the most exclusive club in town.
Put some thought into your club outfit; if you want to go really simple, opt for a collared shirt, formal pants and some great formal shoes. Otherwise, experiment with blazers, jackets, fancy t-shirts, collared shirts, etc. Best not to opt for really casual jeans, however, if the rest of your outfit is on point, it might just be overlooked.
Go for really great shoes, as this will make all the difference to the rest of your outfit.
As for your hair, it is best to go well groomed to this club. Remember that the bouncers hold every right to deny entry, so you definitely don’t want to go looking shabby with messy hair and a beard. Looking classy and charming is the main goal here at Just Cavalli.
If you have a couple of tattoos to show off, you can always do so as Just Cavalli.

Our Suggestions

Both men and women should opt out of really graphic t-shirts or vulgar clothes. Maintain decorum while still looking glamorous.
Don’t wear any type of sportswear, and you should be just fine for Just Cavalli, Milan.

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