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If you have a good knack for music, Latin must be among your favorites. The top of the line Latin clubs are the pride of Chicago. A crowd of good listeners visits the top-notch Latin clubs to have the merriest moments of their life. People from all walks of life go to enjoy the best of Latin tunes in the nightclubs of the city. The city bestows its magnificence upon all and sundry. As the night falls, the city gets even more alive with the nightclubs, where parties and concerts go on until the wee hours in the morning.

1. Latin Bliss

Latin Bliss

Latin Bliss Nightclub is an elegant and sophisticated club which is located at Lincoln Ave. We cater mostly to VIP clientele; however; everyone is allowed entry. Our club has a strict dress code, which means no Jeans, Sneakers, Joggers, or any other kind of casual/sportswear is allowed. We recommend that you come in stylish clothes and dress shoes. Latin Bliss Nightclub only allows 21 years old and above entry. To ensure that you are of the appropriate age, we will check your ID’s. Our tropical design, combined with luxurious sofas, colored lights, stone status, and a well-designed bar, creates a comfortable environment that will help you relax.

2. The Apartment

The Apartment

The Apartment, like its name suggests, is an apartment style Nightclub. Bed, Reclining Sofas, fireplace, and even a kitchen is available here. Our club mostly attracts College kids and Alumni. DePaul University students frequently visit our club. In 2005 we were voted as the The Best College Bar. The Apartment mostly plays Rock, Hip-Hop and Retro soundtracks. If you need an excellent place for Birthdays, Office and Bachelorette Parties, etc. then give us a call we will organize everything for you. Furthermore, we also provide services for E-Z parties, which includes a remarkable space and unlimited cocktails. Food packages are also available at reasonable rates, which can be incorporated into your E-Z party package. If you need anything else, let us know, and we will immediately arrange it for you. This way, you will be able to enjoy the party without any worries.

3. LITE Chicago

LITE Chicago

Lite Chicago was launched recently and has ended up becoming the talk of the town. We have a 4000 square feet space available, which is ideal for holding Corporate events, Birthday parties, Bachelorette parties, and other activities. Lit Chicago holds several events each week. An example can be taken of Nostalgia Tuesdays during which the hit songs from the ’90s to 2000s are played. Listening to them will remind you of your past.

4. Berlin


Berlin opened its doors in 1983 and became a hub of diversity. It did not matter whether an individual belonged to the LGBTQ community or was a heterosexual we welcomed everyone. 36 years have passed since then and we have become a top-rated gay/non-gay club. Berlin takes great pride in its reputation and is always striving to improve itself. Our club is comprised of two bars and a huge dancefloor.

5. The Mine Music Hall

The Mine Music Hall

Mine Music Hall is an extraordinary place to party. Our 10,000-feet warehouse style club has three music rooms and four bars available. Each room plays different types of music such as Top 40, Latin, Hip-Hop, Dembow, Funk and many others. Our music changes according to our events example can be taken of Ultra Saturdays during which we play Reggaeton, Club Hits and Latin music. Mine Music Hall held Multiple events such as Girls Night Out, St. Patty’s Bash, Reggaeton Nights, NYE 2019 and various others.

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Believe it or not, Chicago’s nightclubs have the best of Latin you can ever think of! If you are looking for some good Latin clubs in the town, we have come to help you with that. Our list of the top Latin clubs in Chicago has got the chicest clubs on it. All you need to have a pair of buttocks to dance all night away on the loud Latin beats. Forget not to take your loved ones along to make the unforgettable fun moments together. Chicago’s best Latin clubs are giving a come-on to people young at heart. Get up and rush!

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