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Rome after dark is pretty spectacular. The city comes alive and the monuments basking in night light are simply breathtaking. And the after dark scene is a whole lot of fun. Romans go out late and stay out late and they love to dance. So as they say, when in Rome, do as the Romans and get your party shoes on with this list of the city’s best dance club spots. Here you’ll find a whole heap in a row to suit any taste and music genre from dance to salsa. These clubs are filled with people of all ages; of course, you will find the crowds leaning more towards the ’20s and ’30s. As long as you are even a minute above 18 years of age, you will be allowed to enter with absolutely no issues!

1) Lian Club Rome

Lian Club Rome

Lian Club Rome is a small, but very popular place to visit in Rome. The stationary boat is divided into 3 segments; the dining area, the dancing area, and an outdoor dining area located on the top deck. Welcoming popular band members and DJ’s, Lian Club has a rich history and an even richer plethora of clientele visiting the nightclub!

2) La Cabala Rome

La Cabala Rome

La Cabala Rome is one of the most exclusive night clubs in Rome, and it is also one of the flashiest you’ll visit in the city. You can easily find it in the medieval Palazzo, which is actually a 14th-century building, above the Hostaria dell’ Orso restaurant. The club overlooks the Tiber River and provides the perfect views for your perfect night.
Everything about the club screams class, even its location in the Piazza Navona area which is known as one of the most stylish places in the city. The club itself has come to be known as an elegant supper club among the locals and tourists alike. It has plenty of space as it is built on three levels which are divided into a nightclub, a restaurant, and a piano bar; all of them boasting their own specialties.

3) Planet Rome

Planet Rome

Planet Rome nightclub is One of the largest clubs in Rome, Planet Roma is famous in the city for being a little eccentric, but definitely in a good way. The club has four rooms which offer the visitors an opportunity to experience everything from Latino nights and live jazz to House and retro music. Situated in Via del Commercio, the club has everything that a local or a tourist to Rome needs to have a nice time and make some memories.

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Latin clubs in Rome are best for people who love to dress up and party until the sun rises. Does it sound interesting? Then, let’s go. Make sure you take at least a night out to experience the bar and club scene in Rome.

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