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Rome is filled with great Hip Hop clubs. But before you dance the night away, keep in mind that the real fun doesn’t start till midnight! So take your time, enjoy an aperitivo, or maybe indulge in a wine tasting experience. The options are endless. And once you’re ready to stomp your feet, head on over to one of these nightclubs in Rome! 

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1) Piper Club Rome

Piper Club Rome

Piper Club Rome is the “IN” spot for those who are looking to delve into the vintage vibes of the ’60s and ’70s, while still enjoying the best parts of this millennial. If you cannot wait to get into this magical nightclub known as Piper, this guide will tell you all about the do and don’ts that you are required to follow. Keep in mind that just like any other nightclub, the bouncers of Piper hold every right to deny you entry into the club. So read this guide and you will be all set to party it on at Piper nightclub in Rome.

2) Toy Room Rome

Toy Room Rome

Toy Room Rome is one of the most exclusive clubs, not just in Rome but in the whole world. The name itself exudes fun so anyone who gets the chance to party at the club can be sure to go home with loads of memories and stories to tell. The club is famous among locals and tourists to the city must visit it at least once during their stay to experience the true nightlife the city has to offer.

3) Art Cafe Rome

Art Cafe Rome

Art Cafe Rome provides you with an elegant and fancy venue to show off in your best outfit and party until the sunrise.  If you like dressing up and dancing freely without being squashed, this is the right place for you. Our Ultimate Guide to Art Café will cover frequently asked questions and make sure you are ready for the best night of your life!

4) Shari Vari Rome

Shari Vari Rome

Shari Vari Rome is a venue for people who love to dress up and party until the sun rises. Although Shari Vari opens a little bit before midnight, it tends to get busy only after 11.30 pm. Does it sound interesting? Then, let’s go. This ultimate guide to Shari Vari will give you all do’s and don’ts in full before you go in. We are here to make you sure you won’t have any problems with the security check

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Since most Romans don’t have dinner until after 9pm, nightlife in Rome starts pretty late. Don’t be fooled if bars are empty at 7pm—have a little patience and they will soon start to fill up. All through the week, you’ll find locals hanging out in low-key wine bars or restaurants, while Friday-Sunday is the best time to hit the pubs, rooftop bars and clubs. Coming home at 6am is normal for party-goers here.

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