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Roman nightlife with a selection of the city’s best clubs and late-night bars. Rome has a thriving little underhand techno community that comes out mostly on the weekends. Those that do offer it are widely popular amongst both the locals and tourists; they become complete cultural melting pots for people from around the world. Fabulous DJs guide as you put on your dancing shoes and get ready to party the night away in techno clubs.

Rashomon, Goa Club, Piper Club, Room 26, Neo Club Roma, Radio Londra, Qube disco, Neo Club and Akab Club in Rome.

1) Akab Club Rome

Akab Club Rome is a modern and fun place that tries to make its guests feel welcome and comfortable. Not too glamorous and not too shabby, it has a cool atmosphere with really good music. Spacious inside, Akab has a lot of room for dancing and it is perfect for those in love with clubbing. The largest in the area and the most well-established, it has seen many talented artists such as Todd Terje, Justice, Tensnake, and Simian Mobile Disco who rocked the underground and cheered the crowd. In addition, the Akab club has a really good location, right in the heart of the Roman nightlife, where you can pub crawl in different places and enjoy the delicious highlights of the district.

2) Shari Vari Rome

Shari Vari Rome is a venue for people who love to dress up and party until the sun rises. Although Shari Vari opens a little bit before midnight, it tends to get busy only after 11.30 pm. Does it sound interesting? Then, let’s go. This ultimate guide to Shari Vari will give you all do’s and don’ts in full before you go in. We are here to make you sure you won’t have any problems with the security check

3) Art Cafe Rome

Art Cafe Rome provides you with an elegant and fancy venue to show off in your best outfit and party until the sunrise.  If you like dressing up and dancing freely without being squashed, this is the right place for you. Our Ultimate Guide to Art Café will cover frequently asked questions and make sure you are ready for the best night of your life!

4) Nice Rome

Nice Rome is an exclusive venue for parties and celebrations of all sorts. It attracts a diverse crowd from both within the country and outside of it. The club recently underwent some renovation and rebranded itself as the perfect spot for summer clubbing. It has a huge, open-air dance floor with some of the best tunes to give the visitors something to dance to throughout the night. There are exclusive private areas for guests who like some privacy, as well as three different bars, so no one is left wanting. Open on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, the club is near Ponte Milvio, which is known for its nightlife, so it is sure to be crowded. The good thing is, the club takes bookings and reservations, particularly for its VIP tables. Since it is regularly visited by celebrities, socialites and other VIPs, you can be part of an elite group of people and party in style. Make sure you’re dressed accordingly as well; you don’t want to be the only drably dressed person partying it up at Nice when everyone else looks stylish and elegant.


The staff in these clubs are friendly and casual, and they make the club a relaxed place to party. Rome’s nightlife starts late so don’t panic if you turn up to the club at 11 and it’s deserted, as things only really start to get intense after midnight at most clubs. If you’re out clubbing, expect to stay up till dawn. Most of the best nights are hosted from Thursday to Sunday, but you’re never too far from a perfect midweek experience.

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