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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Rome, Italy

1) Toy Room Rome

When you hear the words Toy Room, you are instantly taken to a place full of fun and laughter. That is exactly what the Toy Room club aims to provide its visitors. One of the most exclusive clubs in the world, let alone Rome itself, the club offers locals and tourists the opportunity to enjoy hip hop music and signature drinks in a truly unique setting.

Only open on the weekend, the Toy Room knows how to throw a party, so you have to be sure to get a place inside the club early. Dress nice and head on over to make some memories to last you a lifetime.

2) Goa Club Rome

The Goa club, with its industrial décor and house and techno music, is one place that you absolutely must visit when you’re in Rome. The club attracts people from all over the world, especially DJs who play live techno and house mixes to give the visitors a chance to make some exceptional memories.

Located in the neighborhood of Ostiense, the club has a capacity for seven hundred people, with a spacious dance floor and a bar lined with sofas. So whether you’re a local who wants to have a good time on your day off or a tourist looking to experience the nightlife of Rome, you should definitely visit Goa club.

3) La Cabala Rome

One of the most exclusive clubs in Rome, Cabala has a reputation for also being one of the classiest and flashiest clubs that you can find in the city. Built on three different levels, above the restaurant Hostaria dell’Orso, in the Piazza Navona area, the club overlooks the Tiber River; all of which makes it the perfect spot for you to spend some quality time in.

If you want to visit the club, you can do so during the weekend since it is only open on Fridays and Saturdays, with Saturday being the busiest. Make sure you dress with style to party it up with the other stylish people who regularly visit the club.

4) Babel Club Rome

You can’t experience nightlife in Rome without visiting Babel; an elegant, glamorous club located in the Villa Borghese, Babel lends some sophistication and uniqueness to the music scene of the city. Away from the city center and the crowded streets, the club is quite exclusive and opens only on Fridays and Saturday, so you have to be careful to time your visit right if you want to get in.

You’ll get to enjoy everything from the best pop and house music to their signature, delicious cocktails and drinks. Be sure to dress appropriately, so you don’t feel out of place among all the other clubbers.

4) Nice Rome

The Nice club is one of the most exclusive clubs in Rome, located in Via Costantino Nigra and just a few steps away from Ponte Milvio which is famous for being the center of Rome’s nightlife. All sorts of people regularly visit the club, including locals and international tourists, celebrities, A-listers and other socialites.

The club was recently renovated to make it the perfect venue for summer parties and clubbing, with a dance floor that is not only massive but also open air. There are dozens of private areas for people to relax in and three different bars to make sure they always have the drink of their choice at hand.

5) Os Club Rome

The OS club is one place that you must visit if you ever happen to be in Rome during the summer time. When you’re too tired of the usual, loud and crowded clubs, the OS club can provide you with an alternative venue to have some fun while also giving you plenty of space to move away from the noise and just relax. You can do that in one of the many gardens of the OS club which open for visitors during summer months, or by the poolside in one of the many day beds made available for all the guests.

6) Akab Club Rome

The Akab Club is a modern and fun place that tries to make its guests feel welcome and comfortable. Not too glamorous and not too shabby, it has a cool atmosphere with really good music. Spacious inside, Akab has a lot of room for dancing and it is perfect for those in love with clubbing. The largest in the area and the most well-established, it has seen many talented artists such as Todd Terje, Justice, Tensnake, and Simian Mobile Disco who rocked the underground and cheered the crowd. In addition, the Akab club has a really good location, right in the heart of the Roman nightlife, where you can pub crawl in different places and enjoy the delicious highlights of the district.

7) Art Cafe Rome

Art Café is the most exclusive and fashionable disco-club in entire Rome. It attracts not only famous stars (like Matt Damon or Cameron Diaz) but also popular DJs across the world. You can find this luxurious place in the beautiful green park Villa Borghese, which has quite a central location.

Art Café provides you with an elegant and fancy venue to show off in your best outfit and party until the sunrise.  If you like dressing up and dancing freely without being squashed, this is the right place for you. Our Ultimate Guide to Art Café will cover frequently asked questions and make sure you are ready for the best night of your life!

8) Lian Club Rome

A unique night club, where the venue is actually a stationary boat, Lian Club is a small, but very popular place to visit in Rome. The stationary boat is divided into 3 segments; the dining area, the dancing area, and an outdoor dining area located on the top deck. Welcoming popular band members and DJ’s, Lian Club has a rich history and an even richer plethora of clientele visiting the nightclub!

Situated right at the center of the majestic Tiber River, Lian Club is known for its live music performances by talented artists. For those who wish to enjoy some of the amazing club music and have a great dance session, head on over to the dancing area below. There are private parties and events held at Lian Club all through the year, so make sure that you know exactly what is going on on which days so you don’t miss out.

9) Piper Club Rome

After more than half a decade, Piper nightclub still remains an icon in the magnificent city of Rome. Undoubtedly the hottest nightclub that you could visit during the era of the ’60s and ’70s, Piper still holds its classical charm, which introducing youth and vibrancy into its aura.

At first, the entrance to the nightclub would seem a little too plain and simple for its magical description. A single door with the words ‘PIPER’ lit up in red above the doors; two flights of the staircase leading down to this iconic nightclub. Once you enter the nightclub however, you will be blown away by its essence. Keeping in touch with its old-world charm, Piper nightclub is the size of a small operatic theatre.

Piper is the “IN” spot for those who are looking to delve into the vintage vibes of the ’60s and ’70s, while still enjoying the best parts of this millennial. If you cannot wait to get into this magical nightclub known as Piper, this guide will tell you all about the do and don’ts that you are required to follow. Keep in mind that just like any other nightclub, the bouncers of Piper hold every right to deny you entry into the club. So read this guide and you will be all set to party it on at Piper nightclub in Rome.

10) Room 26 Rome

If you are wondering where Room 26 gets its oddly unique name from, just place one foot into the club and all your questions will be answered. The only club in Rome having this amazing state of the art sound system with crown amplifiers, Room 26 is defined by its booming sounds and marble architecture inside.

11) Shari Vari Rome

If you happen to find yourself roaming around the beautiful old town of Rome, make sure you check out a central play house Shari Vari. You can find it right in the city center, in an old mansion from the 17th century. It is this place where you can have a lovely Italian dinner first and then, go wild and dance till dawn at the club.

The doors of Shari Vari are open throughout the week, except for Mondays. Each day there is a certain program, so don’t worry it never gets lame here. As Rome tends to get full of people from all around the world, Shari Vari is no exception. It gathers quite an international crowd and is never empty.

12) Planet Roma

Planet Roma is one of the largest clubs in the city of Rome. It is famous among locals and tourists alike for being an eclectic, unique place that knows how to throw a party. It is located in Via del Commercio and has four large rooms; each of the rooms provides the visitors with a different experience, so they always have something to enjoy. While one room offers Latin music, another plays live jazz music and the other two play retro and house music.

If you’re part of the LGBTQ+ community, then be sure to attend the Glam night hosted every Saturday, where members of the community can have a good time in a safe place.

13) Raspoutine Rome

You may already know this, but Rome knows how to party. So it’s no surprise that there are countless clubs that you can experience the nightlife of Rome in. One such club is Raspoutine which has a sister club in Paris. An underground, exclusive club situated in Palazzo Dama hotel, near the Piazza Del Popolo, the club is perfect for social butterflies and wallflowers alike.

Velvet-upholstered chaise lounges complement a space decorated according to the imagination of the artist Erté, making the club seem almost theatrical. Since it’s only open on Friday and Saturday, make sure you get the most out of your time in Rome by heading over there during the night.

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