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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Rome

1) Shari Vari Rome

Shari Vari Rome is a venue for people who love to dress up and party until the sun rises. Although Shari Vari opens a little bit before midnight, it tends to get busy only after 11.30 pm. Does it sound interesting? Then, let’s go. This ultimate guide to Shari Vari will give you all do’s and don’ts in full before you go in. We are here to make you sure you won’t have any problems with the security check

2) Room 26 Rome

Room 26 Rome is filled with people of all ages; of course, you will find the crowds leaning more towards the ’20s and ’30s. As long as you are even a minute above 18 years of age, you will be allowed to enter Room 26 with absolutely no issues!

3) Piper Club Rome

Piper Club Rome is the “IN” spot for those who are looking to delve into the vintage vibes of the ’60s and ’70s, while still enjoying the best parts of this millennial. If you cannot wait to get into this magical nightclub known as Piper, this guide will tell you all about the do and don’ts that you are required to follow. Keep in mind that just like any other nightclub, the bouncers of Piper hold every right to deny you entry into the club. So read this guide and you will be all set to party it on at Piper nightclub in Rome.

4) Lian Club Rome

Lian Club Rome is a small, but very popular place to visit in Rome. The stationary boat is divided into 3 segments; the dining area, the dancing area, and an outdoor dining area located on the top deck. Welcoming popular band members and DJ’s, Lian Club has a rich history and an even richer plethora of clientele visiting the nightclub!

5) Art Cafe Rome

Art Cafe Rome provides you with an elegant and fancy venue to show off in your best outfit and party until the sunrise.  If you like dressing up and dancing freely without being squashed, this is the right place for you. Our Ultimate Guide to Art Café will cover frequently asked questions and make sure you are ready for the best night of your life!

6) Akab Club Rome

Akab Club Rome is a modern and fun place that tries to make its guests feel welcome and comfortable. Not too glamorous and not too shabby, it has a cool atmosphere with really good music. Spacious inside, Akab has a lot of room for dancing and it is perfect for those in love with clubbing. The largest in the area and the most well-established, it has seen many talented artists such as Todd Terje, Justice, Tensnake, and Simian Mobile Disco who rocked the underground and cheered the crowd. In addition, the Akab club has a really good location, right in the heart of the Roman nightlife, where you can pub crawl in different places and enjoy the delicious highlights of the district.

7) Os Club Rome

Os Club Rome is more than just your regular club; it boasts a really nice restaurant as well. Being in the heart of the city, near the Colosseum also lends the club a unique quality of being one of the must-visit places of Rome if you want to have some fun.

8) Nice Rome

Nice Rome is an exclusive venue for parties and celebrations of all sorts. It attracts a diverse crowd from both within the country and outside of it. The club recently underwent some renovation and rebranded itself as the perfect spot for summer clubbing. It has a huge, open-air dance floor with some of the best tunes to give the visitors something to dance to throughout the night. There are exclusive private areas for guests who like some privacy, as well as three different bars, so no one is left wanting. Open on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, the club is near Ponte Milvio, which is known for its nightlife, so it is sure to be crowded. The good thing is, the club takes bookings and reservations, particularly for its VIP tables. Since it is regularly visited by celebrities, socialites and other VIPs, you can be part of an elite group of people and party in style. Make sure you’re dressed accordingly as well; you don’t want to be the only drably dressed person partying it up at Nice when everyone else looks stylish and elegant.

9) La Cabala Rome

La Cabala Rome is one of the most exclusive night clubs in Rome, and it is also one of the flashiest you’ll visit in the city. You can easily find it in the medieval Palazzo, which is actually a 14th-century building, above the Hostaria dell’ Orso restaurant. The club overlooks the Tiber River and provides the perfect views for your perfect night.
Everything about the club screams class, even its location in the Piazza Navona area which is known as one of the most stylish places in the city. The club itself has come to be known as an elegant supper club among the locals and tourists alike. It has plenty of space as it is built on three levels which are divided into a nightclub, a restaurant, and a piano bar; all of them boasting their own specialties.

10) Goa Club Rome

Goa Club Rome is located in the Ostiense neighborhood of Rome, provides locals and tourists with something different in the music scene of the city. Its focus on techno and house music makes it perfect for a night of partying and fun among all sorts of people from all over the world. The club has a capacity for hosting almost seven hundred people with ease, which makes it an ideal spot for parties and celebrations.

11) Planet Rome

Planet Rome nightclub is One of the largest clubs in Rome, Planet Roma is famous in the city for being a little eccentric, but definitely in a good way. The club has four rooms which offer the visitors an opportunity to experience everything from Latino nights and live jazz to House and retro music. Situated in Via del Commercio, the club has everything that a local or a tourist to Rome needs to have a nice time and make some memories.

12) Toy Room Rome

Toy Room Rome is one of the most exclusive clubs, not just in Rome but in the whole world. The name itself exudes fun so anyone who gets the chance to party at the club can be sure to go home with loads of memories and stories to tell. The club is famous among locals and tourists to the city must visit it at least once during their stay to experience the true nightlife the city has to offer.

13) Babel Club Rome

Babel Club Rome is a chic, glitzy club away from the crowded streets of Rome; it adds something unique to the nightlife of the city by giving them a sophisticated, exclusive place to spend their nights dancing away in. The club has been beautifully decorated with red leather sofas set against elegant wallpaper to complete the look. The lighting of the club is made perfect with baroque wall lights, as well as some Swarovski lamps that hang from the ceiling above.

14) Raspoutine Rome

Raspoutine Rome that you can experience the nightlife of Rome in. One such club is Raspoutine which has a sister club in Paris. An underground, exclusive club situated in Palazzo Dama hotel, near the Piazza Del Popolo, the club is perfect for social butterflies and wallflowers alike.

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