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Le Banque Club Milan, Guide & Review

Inspired by its historical value and aesthetic appeal, Le Banque Club is a former bank, turned night club in Milan. Filled with young, international crowds, Le Banque stands near Piazza Duomo, basking in the limelight of being one of the hippest and most exciting spots in town. Continually filled with exciting events and themed parties, Le Banque night club in Milan is probably one of the most popular spots for college party lovers and VIP fashionistas alike!

The incomparable elegance of Le Banque club stands like a paradox against the young party-goers found inside the club! However, Le Banque has successfully been able to hold up its true form of sophistication, beauty, and elegance in the form of its décor and interiors. With high ceilings, chandeliers, velvet curtains, and columns, Le Banque club is a personification of elegance and beauty.

The lobby has a grand piano, and there are two floors to Le Banque. The basement is filled with hot, excited and enthusiastic young party animals. The restaurant upstairs is open every night of the week, serving some of its signature, delicious dishes to patrons. This is the ultimate guide to the Le Banque club, Milan. We will tell you everything you need to know, how you need to dress, and how you can get there easily within this article. Prepare to delve yourself into a true, Milanese, young party culture at Le Banque Club.

Dress Code & Age Requirement

With a venue that is designed to attract only the most elegant, VIP and super VIP guests, Le Banque Club has an elegant dress code policy. The door policy for Le Banque is actually quite strict, keeping in mind that some of the most important VIP’s, fashionistas and artists frequent the club. The dress code for the ladies is Elegant, which means that you should probably skip the crop tops and miniskirts and opt for an elegant dress which makes you look like a diva.

For the men, dress shirts, trousers and formal shoes are the way to go. It is extremely important to keep in mind the importance of the dress code policy at Le Banque, as the bouncers hold every right to turn you away if you don’t look just right in their vigilant eyes.

As for the age requirement, as long as you are above 18 years of age, you are welcome at Le Banque club. The average age of the crowds at Le Banque club is in their mid-20s.

Weekly Program

A former bank, now turned into an elegant, spacious night club, Le Banque has an interesting program every night. This night club differs from other night clubs in the way that Le Banque is an extremely sophisticated and elegant venue hosting all kinds of parties, events and themed parties as well. Every night, you can expect something new to crop up at Le Banque. Visit the Le Banque official website, or go on their Facebook page to know all about the exciting events being hosted at this famous night club.

Music Style

Le Banque is famous for its house, techno and of course, pop music. The night club plays some of the best sets of commercial music which is the best kind of music to dance to all night. Open till 5 am in the morning, you can expect to be on your feet all night, enjoying the most popular music of the month blaring through their speakers.

Average Line, Guest Lists, Tickets & Entry Price

Filled with international student crowds, Le Banque can get pretty crowded during any day of the week. Saturdays however, are the favorite night for all the students, local and international alike, to visit the club. The average entrance fee for women is 10 Euros, while it is 15 Euros for men. You can enjoy one free drink with this small fee paid at the door. Of course, on other nights when VIP parties and events are held at the club, the entrance fee might just shoot up.

Getting your name up on the Guest Lists is probably the best idea. That way, you won’t have to wait in line to enter the club. Get in touch with our Le Banque club partners and get your names on the Guest Lists too! Enjoy a speedy entry into one of the most popular and populous clubs in Milan!

VIP Tables & Bottle Service

For those who can afford it, VIP Tables are definitely the way to go, at Le Banque club! You can enjoy some of the best views of the club, the crowds, and of course, amazing bottle service by booking a VIP table for your group. The VIP table prices vary, depending on the night and the kind of events being help during any night. Contact the Le Banque partners to know more about the VIP tables and bottle service at Le Banque.

Drink Prices

Le Banque club is known for creating some of the most delicious drinks that you can find in the whole of Milan. Yes! Some of the unique cocktails made by the bartenders here are really off the charts! The drink prices start from around 10 Euros, going up to 12 or 15 Euros. Being quite a reasonable price and mouth-wateringly delicious, the cocktails are Le Banque club are really something worth trying!

Our Recommendations

While the entry fee for men and women is actually quite reasonable for such a great venue, the coat rooms charge 3 Euros per item. So if you are carrying even two small items, you will be charged individually for each. It’s best to travel light, or simply try and keep the items with you instead of leaving them at the coatroom. Try and reach the club early, as you can avoid the student rush, while tends to build up after midnight.

Remember to always be impeccably dressed. Le Banque exudes elegance, sophistication, and style, and those who enter the club are expected to exude the same energy.

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