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Loolapaloosa Milan, Guide & Review

A club with an Ibizan experience right here in Milan, Loolapaloosa is an extremely popular night club centered on amazing music and an indecent quantity of drinks! Located in one of the most popular areas of Milan; Corso Como, Loolapaloosa, with its unique and tongue-twisting name, promises to keep your tongue twisted all throughout the night! With an impressive array of cocktails, you can literally visit Loolapaloosa every night of the year, and still not have tasted all their delicious drinks!

Dress Code & Age Requirement

With a mix of local as well as international crowds, you will find mostly student crowds partying it on at Loolapaloosa. The average age of the party goers here will be in their 20’s. As for you, as long as you are above 18, you can easily enter the club.

The dress code of Loolapaloosa specifies “casuals”. Here, you will come across some of the best dressed young partygoers who really known how to experiment with their sense of style. Be prepared to be overwhelmed by the sheer glamour quotient at Loolapaloosa. The Smart Casual dress code means that ladies can wear some of the best, most snazzy club outfits; crop tops, blouses, tank tops, leather pants, dresses, and skirts. For the men, you will find most of the men dressed quite casually, but, not without some effort. Put on a nice dress shirt with open buttons, a fancy pair of jeans or trousers and some amazing shoes, and you are just about fit for the crowds of Loolapaloosa!

Weekly Program

“We Party Every Night” is the basic theme of the club. Yes! This night club is actually open every night of the week right up till 6 am in the morning! With amazing theme parties, concerts, events, and a naturally exciting clubbing scene, you can expect something new every single night. Take our word for it- no two nights are alike at Loolapaloosa.

Every night, you will find a mixture of reggae, hip hop, house, techno and commercial music being played at the club. The signature aspect of Loolapaloosa is- at any point in time, you will find a few clubbers up on the bar tables dancing to their full glory! This is really a sight to catch and absolutely cannot be missed! Of course, the music of the club is so great; you simply cannot stop yourself from getting up on the tables and busting a move!

Music Style

The great music atmosphere of the club is something that Loolapaloosa prides itself in having. This club plays some kind of music for everyone. So if you are a lover of hip hop, reggae, techno, electro, R&B, or the top hits of the week, you will find the finest selection being played at this club!

With a party going on 365 days of the year, there is not much you will miss at Loolapaloosa club. The young and vibrant crowds just make the clubbing experience all the better!

Average Line, Guest Lists, Tickets & Entry Price

Typically, women can enjoy free entry into Loolapaloosa, while men are required to pay a 10 Euro entrance fee with a free drink. Of course, you can enjoy free entry until 10 pm, after which you need to pay a small entrance fee.

It would be advisable to get your names on the Guest Lists, as you can avoid these long waits in line. Loolapaloosa can get extremely crowded owing to its popularity, so getting your names up on the Guest Lists can actually be a great idea. It would not cost you much to get your names on, so contact the Loolapaloosa partners and get your name on the Guest List ASAP!

VIP Tables & Bottle Service

The VIP tables with Bottle service would cost you just about 150 Euros at Loolapaloosa, which is actually pretty cheap! This VIP Table is for 6 guests, so you can easily take a group of friends along with you for this experience. Since the bar can get really crowded, it is probably best to opt for a VIP table, as you can really enjoy every bit of Loolapaloosa with your own private bottle service and an excellent view of the club (and every single attractive club goer too!).

Drink Prices

One of the biggest causes of pride in Loolapaloosa club is its indefinite amount of cocktails! Even if you were to try a new drink every night, you still wouldn’t finish tasting all of the amazing and delicious cocktails at this club. It is definitely worth trying all the different drinks and their flavors, as you will find that each one is unique and even better than the last one!

The drink prices start from around 10 Euros, of course, if you want to opt for a bottle instead, it would cost you anywhere from 80 Euros to 160 Euros.

Our Recommendations

One thing to look out for at Loolapaloosa is the coatroom. If you are carrying accessories with you such as a jacket, an umbrella, etc. you will need to pay 3 Euros for each item. There are no two ways around it! It is best to travel light when you are visiting the club.

Try and reach the club before 10 pm, as you can enjoy free entry. Of course, the entrance fee itself is not too much and is quite manageable.

Be really careful of your belongings here, as there is always a risk for theft in heavily crowded places like this with a rich, international crowd visiting.

The dress code states Casual, however, don’t go overboard with it, as you don’t want to be kicked out just for wearing something too inappropriate.

Keeps an eye out for the eye-catching good looking bartenders at the club! They are really a sight to enjoy!

Well, that’s about all you need to know to enjoy a fun-filled night at Loolapaloosa, Milan.

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