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    About Manchester

    Manchester is an energetic city bursting with character; whether it’s the Industrial Uprising or a musical revolution, Manchester is at the soul of it. From window shopping at the Trafford Centre to watching football on large screens at Old Trafford, there’s always something to do for everyone.

    The city celebrates this multiethnic and diverse variety in its public spaces, and the market sector is always seeking out universal skillsets to assist a range of global industries. When you live in the beautiful city of Manchester, you’ll be engrossed in a diverse sphere of music, art, culture, and fashion and have access to an active social agenda packed with festivals, all-day events, and free activities.

    From the city’s flourishing arts scene and world-famous clubs, through to a massive range of sports and more relaxed events, Manchester is a renowned hub of the hustle and bustle and creativity where everyone from any background is welcome and made to feel included.

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