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Marco Polo Sydney, Guide & Review

Never say Never to the poolside venue of live music and merrymaking. With the posh decorative sitting of the Marco Club located on level 4 Ivy Complex, you can have all you want; it can feed all your hunger in one place. If you want some cool breezy pool time, you have it right there. Craving for some delicious food? On your table in a blink. Thirsty, but for out-of-world drinks, just give staff a minute to bring them there for you. From music and dance parties to serenity and peacefulness in the corner, choose from any corners of this vast location to have your best time. Your club serves you with lively music and fantastic DJs who can evaporate your sleep in a moment. The music they choose is ravishing and upbeat. Your body cannot resist not moving to its beats. The pool is designed wonderfully and cleaned regularly to keep you fresh. You can dance inside with drinks, freshen up and rest your soul from bustling everyday life. They have the best lightings of all clubs with neons everywhere and in the pool too. One can enjoy the sunset or lie around and watch the beautiful sky blooming with stars because of its open setup. Not only this, it has been made with a touch of nature depicted by palm trees grown around. Dress up and hurry up to have transcendental and almost supernatural hours of your life. Marco Polo makes sure that you keep returning to it with its magical design and food. Chow down your drinks and gulp your sorrows in the bewitching aura of theirs made with delightful lightings and colorful ambiance. Not only will you find a beautiful interior with good food and lighting, but also staff members are extremely cooperative. They will try to help you to the utmost of their potential to make your experience everlasting. Come with friends or make new ones here and return with more than just a memory!

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