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Munich is the town where beer is not a drink; it is a custom which is being followed for the past seven centuries. Apart from the high-tech cars and the edgy artistic creations, this Bavarian capital is also an abode for those who love to dance the night away. Moj Club features neon-lit disco & cocktail lounge with DJs & live music, frequented by a mostly Balkan clientele. Packed full of amazing music, people and experiences, Moj Club is one of the hottest party spots for fun lovers to enjoy. Moj Club is all about great times with great music and great friends. There’s a completely unique clubbing experience serving up luxury, late nights and great music.

While exploring the nightlife in Munich city, the Moj Club comes as one of the top places to dine-in and enjoy a cosy space over a drink. Location and the interior add an extra edge to this bar and their cocktails are something which one cannot miss. This place ensures to serve every type of visitor with their wide-range of cocktails, and also budget-friendly tonics. The interior of the place may not look fancy, but this place can be the first place to barge in and enjoy a drink in.

These people ensure to serve the drink in the best possible way and they also experiment with its taste which results in a unique German drink available in different colors and flavors. For the party hoppers looking for exploring the electrifying Munich nightlife, Moj Club will be perfect space to barge in after dark hours. This is considered one of the best bars for a cosy night out with friends along with tasting the top-shelf drinks. On top of this, the place gives a relaxing vibe with its couch seating and funky decor.

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