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Nectar Lounge Seattle, Guide & Review

Nectar Lounge is another highly reputed music venue that you can discover in Seattle. It was constructed back in 2004 and has been one of the most prominent venues in the region since then. One of the best things about Nectar Lounge is that it was completely handmade. Due to the same reason, you can see a large number of unique and one of a kind design elements to be present inside Nectar Lounge as well.

Nectar Lounge can be considered as the largest indoor as well as outdoor live music venue that you can find in Seattle. The dance club is located within Fremont, which is believed to be the center of universe. As soon you walk into Nectar Lounge, you will be impressed by the unique vibe offered in it. In other words, you will be able to see elegant looking outdoor patio, which are in a position to deliver a cozy experience to all the guests. You can also find three full service bars being functioning at Nectar Lounge.

All the three bars at Nectar Lounge are well-known to offer excellent cocktails. When you pair these cocktails with legendary music, you will be able to receive a perfect overall experience during the time that is being spent in Seattle as well. You will feel like you have discovered the best dance club during the time that you spend here at Nectar Lounge. To create even more exciting experiences, Nectar Lounge is bringing both local as well as national musicians from all genres to the stage at the nightclub.

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