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Nepentha Milan, Guide & Review

The historic city of Milan is home to almost everything we associate with class – art, fine dining, history, architecture, and more. Nepentha Milan, a club in the heart of this metropolitan center of all things art and culture, mixes all of these defining features with all a modern human would need to enjoy a good night outside. When it comes to versatility inexperience, no club can truly mix taste and class with fun and magic like Nepentha Milan. With its walls covered with exquisite art and illustrations, and the vivid colors that transport anyone who visits another realm, this club boasts a unique outlook and experience. One thing that makes Nepentha stand out amongst the crowd is their selection of good food, wine, and ambiance to make sure your night is perfect. Nepentha promises anyone who enters a wonderful and magical experience filled with fantastic music, exquisite food, fine wine, and the best services available at the VIP table. So what are you waiting for? While you explore Milan’s art and culture, have a fun night of letting your hair down and make sure you visit Nepentha Milan.

Dress Code & Age Requirement 

If you have a VIP table at Nepentha, there is no doubt that you should look the part. For men, this means a shirt and dress pants, with no open-toed shoes or beach clothes. For women, the idea is the same – look your best, and heels are not required, but definitely will be appreciated.

Weekly Program

There is no weekly program scheduled as such, however, with a different set of music, a great artist or DJ, and some of the best live shows in town, there is always something exciting going on at Nephenta Club, Milan.

Music Style 

Nephenta Club is mostly known for its commercial music. The club plays some of the best hits of the week, or the month, for their party animals who love to be on their feet all night. There are also exciting DJ sets and live music performances going on at Nephenta Club all the time, with different artists playing their amazing sets.

Average Line, Guest Lists, Tickets & Entry Price

While Nephenta is one of the few night clubs in Milan which actually do not charge an entry fee, to gain entry into Nephenta can actually be quite difficult. The club can get pretty crowded owing to its popular and iconic virtue. However, getting your names on the Guest List or booking a table in advance can be the best way to ensure entry into Nephenta Club. Get in touch with our Nephenta Club partners to know more about the Guest Lists for getting into Nephenta club and enjoying a night to remember.

VIP Tables & Bottle Service

With a helpful and professional staff, Nepentha provides people at the VIP table with the best in bottle service. You can even enquire in advance what the pricing of each bottle is, and ensure that you have precisely the bottles you want to drink on the night in question.

Drink Prices

The prices for the cocktails at Nephenta Club vary, however, most of the drinks start at 15 Euros, and go up as they become fancier. You can be assured of some of the most delicious cocktails at Nephenta Club if you just ask the bartenders to whip you up one of their magic, signature cocktails!

Our Recommendations

The best night to visit Nephenta Club would be on Saturdays, as you can enjoy some of the best DJ sets, live music, and concerts on these nights.

Keep in mind that Nephenta is a classy and elegant institution. It keeps up these vibes by allowing very limited entry for party-goers. Follow the dress code policy strictly, as the bouncers can be extremely strict at the door and turn you away without a hassle.If you want to avoid any issues with gaining entry into the club, it is best to pre-book your tickets, or opt for VIP tables and get your names on the Guest Lists. Nephenta Club can be quite picky in whom they want to allow entering into the club, and you definitely don’t want to be one of those unlucky ones who are turned away!

If you are a man visiting Nephenta Club, it is advisable to take a few ladies along with you when you visit. Someone, the presence of gorgeous, well dressed and classy ladies always seems to soften up the bouncers!

Well, that’s all! Now that you know all the dos and don’ts for Nephenta Club, you are ready to enjoy a clubbing experience to remember.

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