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1) Blast Athens

Blast Athens

Blast Athens has met a very capable staff, ready to serve the whole world and satisfy the public with its best services. A modern space, it was the home of house music, which came to allow a wonderful atmosphere to wander around, but also throughout Gazi. Last year, at the famous Blast Athens club, after two years of absence, the famous and leading man of his kind, Greek House Dj musician Johnny Gerontakis, returned to the decks, again making the best impression around his name, even making it and the Blast Athens club one of the best clubs in the capital. House and dance music acquired flesh and bones next to Johnny Gerontakis’ top name, and the Blast Athens club flourished in Gazi and was considered a top club for music and dance.

2) Boiler Room Secreto Athens

Boiler Room Secreto Athens

Boiler Room Secreto Athens is now open daily except Monday. It opens its doors shortly before midnight and the fun holds until dawn. The Boiler room bar club has parties every day of operation from Tuesday to Sunday. The shop hosts some of the most famous events in Athens with the dominant element of all being Greek music. Greek and trash music choices are the ones that will stir up their lovers until dawn. It is located at the heart of Athens Gazi where many people gather together to enjoy music & drinks. Boiler Room Athens has a firm policy at the entry. Boys and girls should be balanced and you have to make a reservation to get in… from Wednesday till Sunday every night is unique with different parties.

3) Bolivar Beach Bar Athens

Bolivar Beach Bar Athens

Bolivar Beach Bar Athens is amazing seaside destination hosts every year travellers from around the world. Since 2004 until today many successful events have taken place. Every year Bolivar hosts some of the best well known Djs of the worldwide House and Alternative Scene. Wine lovers will appreciate the labels choices of the restaurant list. Daily from 09 am to 01 am an endless variety of flavors served to guests of Bolivar and is so different and gastronomic background of Bolivar group.  In a new designed area in idyllic landscape, they are ready to respond to even the most demanding reception. The Bolivar undoubtedly is considered one of the most attractive locations for dining in Athens, and serves authentic gourmet Mediterranean cuisine with an international touch, from morning till evening.

4) Dybbuk Athens

Dybbuk Athens

Dybbuk Athens is the number 1 dance club in Athens! Hit the heart of Athens for all of the vibrant activity going on in the hottest club. Dybbuk has been the must-visit destination in Athens nightlife since 2009. Located in the sophisticated neighborhood, this well-liked club attracts the trend setting youngsters who enjoy the energetic atmosphere. Renowned DJs from all over the world set the rhythm on the decks, creating the vibes for dancing until the small hours. Dybbuk is a dynamic combination of music and spectacle, and has been described as a ‘dance theater’.

5) Half Note Jazz Club Athens

Half Note Jazz Club Athens

Half Note Jazz Club Athens is Athen’s music temple, a vibrant meeting point for jazz aficionados from across the Greek islands. A solid music season from October through May makes the venue one of the most spectacular in the whole Mediterranean Sea. Half Note is the place where the jazz culture encounters the magical ancient Greek tradition, an explosive combination that makes the club the most popular place to go among locals and one of the well-remembered by tourists. The Half Note Jazz Club is one of Athens oldest jazz spots, with a history full of success and sell-out performances.

6) Lohan Nightclub Athens

Lohan Nightclub Athens

Lohan Nightclub Athens there’s a minimum spend of around €600. That’s cheap by some standards, but unless the allure of a super-club appeals, it’s easy to get cheaper entertainment elsewhere in Athens. Lohan is a destination for clubbing in the most extreme iteration. If you’re not committed, you’re not going to have a good time. The atmosphere of decadence promises something decidedly different. Bright pink flowers and neon lights outside promote the escapist experience offered. The overall impression is loud and hedonistic.

7) Pixi Club Athens

Pixi Club Athens

Pixi Club Athens is one of the best nightclubs in Athens, with lots of space and a lot of electronic music. It is one of the most stylish and technologically advanced new nightlife spots in the city. Without suffering from legacy lifestyle diseases, “Pixi” has exactly what a modern mid-size dance club needs: a very good sound system and a very interesting style that is mainly found in its aesthetic furniture. Its large surfaces are surrounded by impressive visuals that fall to the walls with 3D mapping. Therefore, VJs here have an equal footing with DJs who in turn will mostly come from the alternative electronic music scene.

8) Ragnarok Club Athens

Ragnarok Club Athens

Ragnarok Club Athens is bar, it gives you the feeling that you are in an authentic heavy metal club. But, the sound was awful. Very tiring. Every song sounded that it was sung by the Smurfs. Music choices were O.K. which means not bad but not the best. A great plus is the bartender. She’s very friendly and funny

9) Steam Athens

Steam Athens

Steam Athens  represents a generation of new sites solely devoted to demanding clubbers. Its underground and industrial elegant style, the hi-tech sound and light system, turn this multi-level space into a ‘temple’ for the techno and tech-house scene. If you are fond of electronic nights all night long, go for Steam! Check their DJ events online!

10) Second Skin Athens

Second Skin Athens

Second Skin Athens opened its doors on a charming autumn night, on October 3 of 2008. 10 years later, the aim, the fire, the passion and aspiration remains the same: Organising the most cutting edge events, delivering their trademark Disappear Here Saturday nights while always booking the artists/djs/performers/bands that matter. Most Fridays and Saturdays, you will find both of their stages open (Main Floor and the atmospheric Red Room upstairs) with a wide variety of events, residents and special guest Djs hosting different kinds of sub-genres, in a venue as unique as the music they spin. Second Skin club arranges parties, contests and karaoke nights every Wednesday with free entrance and also provides top quality drinks.

11) Rock’n’Roll Athens

Rock’n’Roll Athens

Rock’n’Roll Athens in Kolonaki is one of the most thriving spaces in Athens if you want to feel aristocratic while enjoying great music, American style cuisine and burgers. Operating since 1987, Rock n Roll Athens is considered to be one of the most well-liked club-restaurants in the city. The space is modern, and mainstream following the rhythms of the night, and creating a perfect setting for any event. In the Rock n Roll Athens menu you will find delicious beef burger with onion rings, orzo with crayfish, ginger and marjoram, rice with vegetables and sauteed broccoli, beef fillet with red wine, fluffy pizza, fresh pasta and indulgent New York cheesecake with raspberry sorbet.

12) Studio 24 Athens

Studio 24 Athens

Studio 24 Athens that invites you into the ultimate fun without limitations of fun and time. It is a very inspiring place that has brought many innovations to the city’s amusement and has managed to be a must-have choice for anyone who decides to become part of the spectacular experience offered by Athens’ winter islet, Gazi.

13) ToyRoom Athens

ToyRoom Athens

ToyRoom Athens is derived from an urge to create an intimate setting for people to have fun. A visit to Toy Room stimulates the senses; it’s a unique experience which makes you feel a part of something. Whether you’ve had a hectic day of work, a long day in the office or super busy week, you can always count on Frank to offer a fun vibrant mood. When the velvet ropes part for you, you will be whisked into a blend of captivating.

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