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Old Fashion Milan, Guide & Review

Open every night of the week, Old Fashion lives quite up to its name. A historical night club located at the heart of the Sempione Park in Milan, Old Fashion Club is an iconic venue for parties; pure business-related, or simply pure pleasure. Old Fashion has been up and running since the year 1933, making it more of a historical landmark than an up and coming restaurant and night club in the city.

The Old Fashion Club is divided into several smaller areas (which are actually not that small!) and is a perfect venue for just about any occasion.

This is the informative guide and overview of the Old Fashion Club. Everything you need to know about the club, how to get there and what to expect will be mentioned below.

Dress Code & Age Requirement

Two rooms, 3 bars, enormous dance floors, a large, open glass terrace, 4 VIP areas, and many more spaces, Old Fashion Club is no doubt one of the most popular night club spaces in the city of Milan. Of course, the dress code for such a fancy place would also be quite strict and fancy! While a Smart Casual dress code is stated as the policy, you will find most of the people at the club dressed in an extremely chic and sophisticated fashion. It would be advisable for you to dress your best for this club!

As for the age requirement, as long as you are above 18, you are welcome to the Old Fashion Club!

Weekly Program 

Old Fashion Club is one of the few nightclubs which is actually open every single night of the week! Whew! It sounds like quite a busy scene. Well, there is something new and exciting going on within the doors of this club every single night. Here is the weekly program for Old Fashion, of course, you should also visit the official website for the club, as well as check out their Facebook page to find out more about the events and parties being held at the club.

The week starts off with Monday nights being the nights when you can enjoy the best Top Hits of the week. These nights are also known as hip hop nights, and you will find the entire crowd and ambiance of the club changing to older partygoers, and those who belong to the music industry frequenting the club.

Tuesday nights are only open during the summers (in the beautiful open terrace overlooking the garden).

Wednesday nights consist of International Week. The club is filled with Italian and Erasmus students swaying away to the top International Hits.

Thursday nights are for pop electro music, hip hop, and reggae

Friday nights are the most elegant night of the week. Prepare yourself for Mod night, where the music switches from hip hop to house and soul music.

Saturday nights are known as Glam night, and keeping in tune with the ambiance, the club vibe changes completely. This is the day you want to dress up in your diva outfits and bring the club down in style!

Finally, Sunday nights equal to the hottest and best hip hop music you can hope to find!

Music Style

As you can make out by the weekly schedule, every night brings about a new and complete chance in ambiance, crowds, and music to the Old Fashion club. From hip hop to disco, soul, techno, and house, everything goes at Old Fashion!

Average Line, Guest Lists, Tickets & Entry Price

Being undoubtedly one of the most popular and iconic party houses in Milan, the average line for the club can get pretty long, if you are not there on time. The average entry fee would be around 20 Euros, of course, on busy nights it can go up to 30 Euros as well. Getting yourself on the Guest List of the club can be a wise decision, as you can skip the long waits in line and get right in with just a small fee!

VIP Tables & Bottle Service

While the Standard Tables would cost you around 200 Euros for 5 people, VIP Tables run for 500 Euros. However, it is strongly advised that if you can afford it, the VIP way is the way to go to the Old Fashion club!

Drink Prices

You can enjoy your choice of drinks, from gin, rum, beer, vodka, wine, and some of the most delicious cocktails ever. The prices for these drinks can go anywhere from 10 to 15 Euros for a simple cocktail, too much more for a fancier drink. It might seem slightly expensive at first sight, of course, it is easy to remember that you are partying at one of the oldest and most iconic venues in the city of Milan, and the prices for the drinks at a city center as such as actually quite reasonable.

Our Recommendations

While the VIP tables and bottle service prices are admittedly expensive, Old Fashion Club is an experience of a lifetime, and opting for a VIP table might just be the best way to enjoy this club in all its glory.

If you happen to visit the Old Fashion club during the summers, make it a point to go on Tuesday nights. It might be slightly crowded; however, you can enjoy the open-air glass terrace with the most fantastic views. There are plenty of rooms, sitting areas, VIP tables, and standard tables as well, so you never have to worry about not finding a great place for your group at this club.

The dress code policy states casual, however, keep in mind that you probably shouldn’t end up in jeans or very casual outfits, as you would simply feel like a total misfit. Most of the crowds consist of students; however, you shouldn’t be surprised to run into celebrities, famous DJs and artists, and lots of familiar faces from the music industry in this club. It is best to dress in your best outfit.

The club remains open till 5 am in the morning, so if you are one of those who like to party it up till quite late, this is definitely the club you want to visit. Keep in mind that the crowds only start after about 1 am, so if you manage to reach the club during its opening hours, you could actually end up paying lesser of an entry fee than if you were to visit later on during the night.

Well, that’s about it! Now that you know whatever it is that you should know about the Old Fashion club, you are ready to have an experience worth taking in Milan!

Old Fashion Milan Guest List

Guest List Signup:


How it Works:

Step One

Sign Up on our Guest List, follow the steps below.

Step Two

You Will Recieve an Email Confirmation with entry details and instructions.

Step Three

Say ‘Nightflow’ at the club door or show your Nightflow Pass at the door.

Useful Information


How to get past the door when you’re on the guest list:

  • – The club reserves all rights to deny entry, do NOT give them a reason to
  • – Come prepared: know that to get in you need to say “I’m on the Nightflow List” and be sure you have the email confirmation ready if the bouncer asks you.
  • – For guys: I’d strongly recommend arriving extra early, being on good behaviour in the line or when near the club (don’t bring beer into the line or chug it in front of the club, bouncers don’t like that)
  • – Be sure you bring ID, if you are or look young, bring original copies of your passports. Technically copies are acceptable but bouncers are always suspicious of them. Stay away from fake IDs.
  • – You will find the exact conditions in the confirmation email, they are subject to change
  • – In high season, the line can be 30-45 minutes. I recommend arriving 45 minutes before the cutoff hour for the guest list.
  • – Tip: It helps to go in with attractive women

How to get to Just Cavalli Milan:

Simple! Just use google maps to navigate! In my experience its way more helpful than any guide I could put together, Google maps is super accurate and up to date.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can I put on the guest list?

With the form above you can put as many people on the guest list as you like. I just recommend splitting large groups up into small groups of 4 or 5. Then ideally each group has a separate signup and every group has at least 1 confirmation email they can show at the door.

What if I just turn up and say “I’m on Nightflow List at the door”?

Technically, this is all you need to do. Guest lists these days are “open”, which means you just have to say the guest list name at the club door. The club doesn’t have your name specifically.

Until when can I get in with your guest list?

This differs for each club, for each night and whether you are a man or woman. The conditions for the club and night you’re signed up to will be on the confirmation email I’ll send you.

The bouncers told me I’m not on the guest list after I stood in line. Why?

Now, this is almost always (95% of the time) an excuse to not let you in due to you or your group not being up to dress code standards, due to bad behaviour or that you don’t fit the profile of the club. Bouncers do not like to tell you that you are dressed badly, are too fat, too drunk etc to your face, so they come up with lines like “private event”, “you’re not on the list”, “the club is full” etc. It might simply be because they have already let in too many guys and have stopped letting in male-only groups.

The form will only let me sign up to me +5 guests, but we are a group of 8, what should we do?

This is a deliberate favour for you. My goal is for you to have the best night out and especially the smoothest time at the door. A group of 8 is no problem at all, but its always best if large groups split up into smaller groups so the club door has an easier time dealing with you. In an ideal world, everyone signs up for the guest list themselves and has an email confirmation. If inconvenient, I’d recommend groups of 4-5 max. Then designate a group leader to say “we are on the nightflow list” to the bouncer then ushers the rest of the mini group in.

What is the difference between guest lists and tickets, and which is better?

Guest lists are the clubs incentive for promoters to bring in the right people into the club early. The guest list always has excellent conditions for the night out if you arrive early. Some clubs also have offers with free dinners or free drinks if you arrive early enough. Tickets however usually allow you to skip the line and enter with the ticket all night (as long as the club is full). With a ticket, you are essentially prebuying a drink. And most of the time the offer with the ticket is better than buying the drinks inside. Example: Many tickets include a drink at 10 euros, whereas getting a drink inside the club might cost 12-15 euros. In that case definitely get tickets if you are planning on drinking!

Am I on the VIP list?

To clear this up: most clubs don’t have VIP lists. There are 4 options to get in a club: a VIP table (bottle service) which often includes the entry fee, a presale ticket, paying the cover on the night and finally the regular guest list. Each has its advantages other than just turning up and paying cover, that just plain sucks.

Can I get into the VIP area?

The VIP area is only for VIP guests, its a separate area inside the club where you’ll find tables for the guests that have bought bottles and table service. Occasionally a club will let in groups of great looking girls into the VIP area. Guys will almost always have to pay.

My friend is 17, can I get her in with your list?

Sadly not except if the club has a specific minors night. The club is legally restricted on letting minors in on nights when they serve alcohol. Also, many nights and more upscale clubs will also filter people out at the door due to their age. Always consult the club sessions or our dress code guides to know if you will be able to get into the club.

Hey, I’m at the door! Can you bring me in?

A frequent request, however everyone else in the line is also on the guest list, I’m afraid due to fairness I can’t get you in past the door.

Old Fashion Milan Dress Code Guide

Located in the heart of Milan lies this super exclusive restaurant cum nightclub; Old Fashion Club. This spacious nightclub is divided into 2 rooms, 4 VIP areas, and 3 bars! Old Fashion Club is known for providing a beautiful, atmospheric setting which gives a completely different ambience to the club.
For those of you who are looking to enjoy a night at Old Fashion Club, here is all you need to know about the door policy for this club. Being such an exclusive and popular club in the city, Old Fashion still makes it a point to make all its customers feel included.
Here is the dress code guide for Old Fashion Club, Milan.

Old Fashion Club Dress Code for the Ladies

old Fashion Club has a Casual dress code policy. This is pretty surprising, as this nightclub is a very exclusive nightclub in the city. However, the casual dress code policy has been enforced to make their patrons feel freer and more comfortable.
You will find most of the ladies at Old Fashion dressed pretty in their dresses and high heels. However, the great part about the casual dress code policy means that even if you wish to end up in a t-shirt and jeans, you would still be allowed in! You can also opt for a cute little top paired up with trousers, a skirt, or even a fancy pair of shorts.
As for your shoes, high heels are always the best option for any nightclub. However, if you really prefer it, you could also wear a pair of fancy sneakers.
Style your hair any way you want to; you are completely open to experimentation at Old Fashion! Wear it up or let it flow down, and don’t forget to experiment with hair accessories if you wish to do so.
As for your tattoos, they are more than welcome at Old Fashion. Unlike what the name suggests, nothing about this nightclub is actually old fashioned!

Old Fashion Club Dress Code for the Gents

The Casual dress code policy at Old Fashion means that the men don’t really need to sweat it when it comes to what they want to wear for this nightclub. Of course, it helps to be dressed and groomed well. If you try to enter the club looking shaggy, the bouncers will send you right back! However, the casual dress code means that you don’t need to put on your best formals for this club.
A fancy t-shirt with jeans or a pair of trousers would do just fine. Don’t forget to wear a good pair of sneakers or formal shoes. Dress your feet well, it is one of the first things the ladies will notice about you!
As for your hair, style it in whatever the latest trend is at the moment. You will find that it is well accepted at this club. Of course, you can always experiment with styles if you wish to.
If you have tattoos to flaunt, well, this is the club you can do it!

Our Suggestions

While the club has a ‘casual dress code’ policy, avoid wearing anything too casual, inappropriate or vulgar.

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