Things to do in Philadelphia At Night

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Other things to do at night in Philadelphia

Philly has a lot to offer to tourists with a pedestrian-friendly downtown ‘City Center’ and other venues open past midnight. You can lounge at a rooftop bar, enjoy a live music performance, catch a show, or have dinner at one of the high-profile restaurants. The city is your oyster!

Dress Up for Drinks at the Rittenhouse Hotel

The best bars in the city are intimate venues nestled inside its fancy hotels. You can dress up to the nines and sip cocktails in a lavish setting with the most influential people in the area. Rittenhouse Hotel has an elegant library bar that serves cocktails, wines, and other spirits.

 You can delight your palate with the best alcoholic drinks and relax after a long day with mood lighting and shelves of books to occupy you.

Catch a Live Performance at La Peg

The waterfront restaurant called La Peg regularly hosts a variety of events throughout its calendar year. The joint is a must-see destination in the city because of its decadent European-inspired menu. 

The front yard is space reserved for games and other activities. There is always something exciting happening at La Peg. Watch a drag show, listen to live music, see a play, and brace yourselves for a night of avant-garde entertainment.

Immerse Yourself in Art After Hours

The Philadelphia Art Museum invites visitors to have a late-night peek around the gallery. You can enjoy a scheduled performance in the Great Hall and view the collection afterward. Grab a bite to eat or drink at the café if you want a light dinner so you can browse the paintings, sculptures, and installations at ease. 

The Friday night ticket is also valid for Saturday, so you can head back to view your favorite artist’s work the next morning.

Go Ethnic at Marrakesh

The city offers a taste of different cultures, and you can experience Morocco without leaving Philadelphia. The restaurant is situated in the Queen Village and has a delectable menu featuring authentic cuisine.

 The dim lighting gives an authentic feel to the place, and live belly dancers perform for your entertainment. They encourage the audience to get up and join them so you can learn to sway your hips the Moroccan way.

Catch a Show at Johnny Brenda’s

Many local bars host live performances, and you can buy tickets at the door. The venue hosts local musicians, country-wide tours, and other performers, perfect for last-minute plans. 

They have craft beer, cocktails, and other award-winning drinks for your indulgence. They have burgers, salads, and vegan dishes on the menu too. The tickets are very cheap, so it is an excellent idea when you are on a budget.

Get Cultured at the Cherry Street Pier

The Delaware riverfront has renovated the warehouse into an open-air space that allows artists, musicians, brewers, and chefs to exhibit their talents. 

You can attend workshops, watch movies, and support small businesses at the Cherry Street Pier. It is also the best place to buy souvenirs because you can find the best the city offers.

Appreciate Talent at the Rustic Victoria’s Freehouse

Nestled in the Old City is a classic pub called Victoria’s Freehouse. It has a British-era interior design, and many drag troupes and performers take the stage.

You can check the calendar ahead of schedule to find out what the plan is for the night. They have drinks, entertainment, and a menu that fits the theme. Make sure you bring a stack of singles to tip the dancers you like best.

Dance Your Heart Out at The Dolphin

Dance parties where everyone is drenched in sweat and having a good time are another thing that Philly’s bars are known for. You can move your feet to the resident DJ’s awesome playlist and enjoy happy hour drinks if you are out early. 

They host Karaoke on Wednesday nights if you feel like belting out a number in the middle of the week. The Dolphin has a very youthful vibe, and it is a great place to get a taste of the city’s youngsters.

Play Retro Video Games at Barcade

Philadelphia is home to many arcade-themed bars, with Barcade being one of them. It is where grown-ups can play video games, pinball machines, and participate in other old-school activities. 

They have craft beers and an assortment of drinks on the menu so you can quench your thirst after a challenging level. Get a chance to see your name on the Leaderboard and relive memories from childhood at this joint.

Attend an EDM DJ Night at Voyeur

The Voyeur Nightclub is inside a three-story building in the Gay district of Philly. It is the only dance complex that stays open after hours, and their raves go on until dawn. They showcase a line-up of EDM DJs every night with dazzling light shows in the main room to complement the playlist. 

You can show off your moves on the dance floor or get a VIP table on the mezzanine floor with bottle service for a more relaxed vibe. The club is where Philadelphia’s great crowd comes to have a party, and they are equipped with a snow machine to keep it cool even in the summers. 

Dress Down for the Tattooed Mom

Tattooed Mom is one of the oldest and most popular dive bars in Philadelphia. They regularly invite live bands, DJs, and podcast hosts to entertain their patrons on weekdays and weekends. The venue is known for its annual festivals and geeky parties. 

If you want to mingle with the local nerds, then Tattooed Mom is where you will find them. They have budget-friendly food and drink options and a pool table on the second floor for a quick game. 


Philadelphia is known for its bar culture, and you will find there is a bar for everyone. Craft beers are specialties on the menu, and cover charges are always low. You can take a walk through the neighborhoods to look at murals or go to a gallery for a more confined experience. Overall, Philly is a great vacation option for bar hoppers and beer lovers.