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NOTO Philadelphia, Guide & Review

NOTO is a trendy and high-tech place. It was launched in 2017. Two years later, we have become the hottest Nightclub in Philadelphia. Every corner of our 15,000 square feet club will leave you stunned. A large golden colored chandelier, beautiful decorations, and different images are found hanging in our club. Blue/yellow lighting combined with hazing machines enhances the customers experience while the leather couches increase comfortability. If you get thirsty, then visit one of our three bars. We serve Vodka, Tequila, Cognac, Gin, Rum, Scotch, Whiskey, and Bourbon. Multiple drink packages such as I’m A Boss, Trust the Process, Philly Flyer, and Friday Night Lights, etc. are available here as well.

At NOTO the hottest DJs spin different soundtracks. Top 40, EDM and Hip Hop, etc. are played here. However, the music is subject to change depending on the events. In July Shaun Frank, Shizz Lo, Bok Nero, DJ Scene, Dada Life, Vinny Guadagnino, Bassjacket, and various others will perform live at our club. Along with this, we will also be hosting an Independence Day Weekend function during which Pusha T will play music. Non-refundable tickets are available for all the concerts mentioned above. Please check all the details before making any purchases.

Our club is perfect for different styled events such as Corporate, Birthday party, College format, Bachelorette party, Wedding receptions, and Holiday party, etc. We have a team of expert event planners available. They will assist you in every way they can, i.e., food, beverages, music, lighting, entertainment, and custom décor, etc. Our team will ensure that your event becomes a success at all cost.

We have an upscale and trendy dress code, no beach clothing, sandals, athletic wear, sneakers, work boots, shorts, hats, and baggy clothes allowed.

If you want something extraordinary, then come to NOTO.

Noto Philadelphia Dress Code Guide

Noto is a premium nightclub in Philadelphia where you get an extraordinary environment, exuberant energy, and superb service at the same time. Ever since its inception, this particular nightclub came into limelight due to 2 reasons:

1. The nightclub’s huge space that can accommodate more than 1000 youngsters.

2. One of the first nightclubs in Philadelphia that has been created and designed like the top-notch nightclubs in Las Vegas, New York, and Los Angeles.

The tagline of the NOTO nightclub is Not Of the Ordinary. So you shouldn’t expect anything ordinary in this nightclub. The dress code in this premium nightclub is upscale and trendy, which means you have to give attention to your look. Otherwise, the nightclub management can very well show you the exit door.

NOTO Nightclub Dress Code Guide for the Ladies

Most women wear dresses in this nightclub. They wear all types of dresses – halter neck, round neck, off the shoulder, long dresses, backless, short dress, etc. You can pick and choose the color and the size of your dress.

No beach clothes for women. The nightclub is very strict on this issue. No ripped clothes either. I have seen several women wearing ripped jeans in social events. These are quite pricey and trendy stuff. But they don’t get accepted in the NOTA nightclub.

Heels are the best choice here. Heels of any inch will do. So, pick your right size and be ready to rock the party. Sandals are prohibited in the nightclub. So give it a miss when you’re going to the Noto nightclub.

Try to avoid carrying big vanity bags. Carry a clutch. Plus, there is a coat check at the nightclub, and you have to pay for it. So it’s better you don’t carry any banned items like drugs and alcohol in your bag.

NOTO Nightvlub Dress Code Guide for the Gents

Noto nightclub is known for good music and fashion. Most men wear collared shirts and dark denim. Trendy dress shoes are quiet in this nightclub whereas sneakers are completely abhorred.

Shorts, hats, and baggy clothes are not part of the dress code. I know men love to wear these things, especially in summer. But unfortunately, nothing can be done.

Work boots and athletic attire are also against the dress code policy. So keep your jerseys and track pants at home. No one will even book at them.

Bouncers don’t allow men to carry backpacks. So it’s best you carry only your wallet.

Our Suggestions 

The bouncers are not monsters. Rather, they are more considerate than you think. They do their best to make you feel comfortable.

Mostly, bouncers allow you to get in unless you break their dress code. So it’s better you don’t wear athletic attire or sandals at the time of getting into the nightclub.

If you’re a celebrity, then there is no need to follow any dress code. Bouncers won’t stop you. However, if you aren’t a celebrity, then do follow the dress code by heart.

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