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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Philadelphia

1. Vesper Sporting Club Philadelphia

 Vesper Sporting Club Philadelphia

Vesper Sporting Club Philadelphia was originally a social dining club it mostly catered to the rich and famous. In 2017 new owners took over and Vesper Sports club was born. Over 4000 TV screens are installed in our club. They display various games and provide an excellent experience. You can also use them for presentations and demos as well. Hi-fi sound and lighting system are also available here.

2. V Lounge Philadelphia

V Lounge Philadelphia

V Lounge Philadelphia has reopened its doors and is ready to bring you the best experience of your life. Huge Tv Screens are installed here you can enjoy different games while sipping on our delicious drinks. Each week new dancers are seen performing at our club. We provide comfortable seatings they help our customers unwind.

3. Voyeur Nightclub Philadelphia

Voyeur Nightclub Philadelphia

Voyeur Nightclub Philadelphia is a beautifully designed 20,000 square foot club with multiple rooms. All the rooms have different vibes, and diverse music is played in them. Our Lounge is history themed. A mid-century/modern bar is located here, which provides full service. Multiple seating options such as leather sofas and banquette seats, etc. are available at Voyeur. Our Mezzanine has a sophisticated and chic design. Outstanding lighting combined with exposed brick walls and Retro/vintage decorations creates a stunning view. Leather seats and VIP rooms are located on this floor.

4. Trilogy Philadelphia 

Trilogy Philadelphia 

Trilogy Philadelphia like its name suggests, is a three-floor Nightclub. Each one of them has been designed differently and offers a different vibe. Step into our place once, and you won’t want to leave. Our third floor provides a breathtaking view of the city. Trilogy’s captivating light and sound system create a brilliant environment. Six full-service bars are available here. They offer a wide variety of Liquors, beers, and craft cocktails. Eight VIP rooms are also located here.

5. Basement Miami

Basement Miami

Mirage Lounge Philadelphia is a paradise for clubbers. It is a Hookah Lounge, Restaurant, and a Nightclub. Chandelier with light fixtures combined with sheet covered roof creates a beautiful scene. Leather seating and an excellent sound system are available here. Our interior has an exotic design and will mesmerize you.

6. Tierra Nightclub Philadelphia

Tierra Nightclub Philadelphia

Tierra Nightclub Philadelphia was launched in 1987 it has been over 25 years since then, yet we are still regarded as Philadelphia’s number 1 Latin club. High tech light show combined with beautiful decorations and an excellent sound system will take your breath away. Leather couches are also available here; they will help you relax.

7. The Trestle Inn Philadelphia

The Trestle Inn Philadelphia

The Trestle Inn Philadelphia has a deep and rich history. It has catered to a wide range of people such as salesmen, circus performers, immigrants, factory workers, and journalist, etc. Step into our place, and we will take you back in time. Low lighting combined with the disco ball creates a hip scene. Various images, decorations, and show pamphlets are found hanging on our walls. All of the things mentioned above will charm you.

8. The Barbary Philadelphia 

The Barbary Philadelphia 

The Barbary Philadelphia is a two-floor Nightclub that is located in Fishtown. After taking over, we gave our club a new look and added a high-tech sound system. Excellent lighting rigs and Philadelphia’s best AC has been installed here. Our place can accommodate up to 200 guests.  Disco balls and red lights create a captivating scene. We have also started booking some Live Bands as well you can see them jamming on our performance stage. Various posters and an image of David Bowie is found hanging on our wall. Several music genres such as Goth, indie, metal, etc.

9. Reserve Lounge Philadelphia 

Reserve Lounge Philadelphia 

Reserve Lounge Philadelphia is a beautiful place to party recently it went through a complete makeover. Wood panels and a high-tech new sound system have been added. Green lighting, comfortable seating, and remarkable TV’s further enhance one’s experience.

10. Raven Lounge Philadelphia

Raven Lounge Philadelphia

Raven Lounge Philadelphia is an ideal club for Hip-Hop lovers. Our place is multipurpose, i.e., Nightclub, Bar, Concert Venue, and a Comedy club. We also organize Burlesque shows, film screenings, and performance art shows, etc. Every table is equipped with board games and sketchbooks. They will provide you a relaxing experience.

11. NOTO Philadelphia 

NOTO Philadelphia 

NOTO Philadelphia is a trendy and high-tech place. It was launched in 2017. Two years later, we have become the hottest Nightclub in Philadelphia. Every corner of our 15,000 square feet club will leave you stunned. A large golden colored chandelier, beautiful decorations, and different images are found hanging in our club. Blue/yellow lighting combined with hazing machines enhances the customers experience while the leather couches increase comfortability. If you get thirsty, then visit one of our three bars. We serve Vodka, Tequila, Cognac, Gin, Rum, Scotch, Whiskey, and Bourbon. Multiple drink packages such as I’m A Boss, Trust the Process, Philly Flyer, and Friday Night Lights, etc. are available here as well.

12. Makumba Philadelphia

Makumba Philadelphia

Makumba Philadelphia  is a must visit place for all Latin music lovers. It has a stylish and modern look. Our club has a very relaxing ambiance, and we welcome everyone with open arms. You will feel right at home. Our staff is excellent and friendly. They will take care of all your needs and will do everything in their power to ensure that you have a blast. A stage is also available here for Live performances. Our superb sound system heightens one’s experience. Take a seat on of our white/blue couches and enjoy the show.

13. Infusion Lounge Philadelphia

Infusion Lounge Philadelphia

Infusion Lounge Philadelphia is a stylish and cool place. It is a combination of the traditional and modern design. Beautiful European murals combined with our purple and crimson décor will enchant you. Multiple seating options such as luxurious couches and bar stools, etc. are available here. Sit down and take a look at our extensive drink menu. Try some of our delicious cocktails. They are created from fresh and natural ingredients. Fresh juices such as Lemon and Lime along with various syrups, i.e., Rich Demerara, Cinnamon, Grenadine, Pomegranate, Mint, and Lavender, are used for this purpose. One sip and your taste buds will be left wanting more. However, if you are looking for something a bit stronger then give our 60+ Whiskeys and Spirits a try. For our indecisive customers, we also offer several whiskey flights. They will help you find the perfect bottle.

14. Howl at the Moon Philadelphia

Howl at the Moon Philadelphia

Howl at the Moon Philadelphia is a brilliant place to jam. Our club has been beautifully designed and caters to all age groups. We only employ top-class musicians who play Rock, Pop, and Contemporary music. For this purpose, Duel Pianos, Drums, and Guitars are available here.

15. Euphoria Nightclub Philadelphia

Euphoria Nightclub Philadelphia

Euphoria Nightclub Philadelphia is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It acts as a lounge, restaurant, and a nightclub. An excellent sound and rotating multi-colored light system are available here. It creates an incredible atmosphere and has the crowd moving on the dancefloor. A stage is also available for live performances. This makes the interaction between fans and artist easy. Our bar serves first-class Whiskey, Champagne, shots, Blue Label, Chiva, and various other brands/drinks. Hookah is also available here, and we also serve delicious food.

16. Down Nightclub Philadelphia 

Down Nightclub Philadelphia 

Down Nightclub Philadelphia  is a high-class place and has a relaxing atmosphere. Purple lighting combined with LED TV screens, a large stage for live performance, Framed T-shirts, and various pictures on the wall will mesmerize you. The leather seating creates a comfortable environment, which further enhances your overall experience. Two bars are also available at our club they provide excellent service. We serve Rum, Vodka, Whiskey, Tequila, Gin, and Champagne. VIP bottle service is also offered here. Our staff is properly trained and highly efficient they will take care of all your needs.

17. Dolphin Tavern Philadelphia

Dolphin Tavern Philadelphia

Dolphin Tavern Philadelphia is an excellent place to party. At our place, we provide people complete freedom. Your sexuality, gender, race, and other things don’t matter to us. We have created a safe and relaxing space for people who are a little different.

18. Coda Philadelphia

Coda Philadelphia

Coda Philadelphia is a three in one club, i.e., live performance venue, nightclub, and event space. It is located in Downtown, Philadelphia. At our club latest and hottest musicians/ artists perform. We mostly play Indie Rock, Electronic, Jam Bands, Pop, and various other genres. Our place is ideal for all kinds of functions such as Concerts, Birthday Party, Bachelorette Party, and Corporate Events, etc. We have a team of outstanding event planners available they will ensure that your function takes off without a hitch.

19. Club Mousai Philadelphia

Club Mousai Philadelphia

Club Mousai Philadelphia is a relatively new club in the world of Philly Nightlife. It is a beautiful and cool place. Upon entry, you will notice various decorative pieces such as male/female status with musical instruments, different colored ball decorations, and flowers, etc. They will steal your breath away. Our music system is high tech, and we have an awesome dance floor available as well. A Disco ball is also installed at our club when it gets turned on you will see different colored lights flashing across the whole dancefloor. If you get tired, then you can relax in our VIP Lounge area. Customers can see the entire Nightclub from the Lounge’s balcony.

20. Cavanaugh’s River Deck Philadelphia

Cavanaugh’s River Deck Philadelphia

Cavanaugh’s River Deck Philadelphia is an extraordinary Nightclub and outdoor dining place. Our 17,000 square foot space has multiple dining rooms you can see the beautiful views of the Delaware River and Ben Franklin Bridge from all of them. Whether you are celebrating your anniversary, hosting a Birthday party, wedding celebration, cocktail party, or any other event, our team of experts will take care of everything. For large group events, we provide packages; however, they are only applicable on Fridays and Saturdays.

21. Brasil’s Nightclub Philadelphia

Brasil’s Nightclub Philadelphia

Brasil’s Nightclub Philadelphia is an ideal place for Latin lovers. We have been running this place for 15 years and have done everything we can to ensure that our customers remain satisfied. Salsa, Tango, Cha-Cha, and Rhumba, etc. are played here. Along with a dancefloor where guests can show off their dancing skills, we also offer free Salsa classes. It makes it easier for the beginners to blend in with the crowd and also eliminates the awkwardness between fellow clubbers. Classes are held on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. For those of you who feel uncomfortable dancing with strangers, can opt for private lessons. Our instructors provide customizable lessons which are created according to your goals and needs. Along with this, we also offer group lessons as well. For Group/Private lessons a two days advance notice and upfront deposits are required.

22. B-Side Complex Nightclub Philadelphia 

B-Side Complex Nightclub Philadelphia 

B-Side Complex Nightclub Philadelphia is a Hi-fi place and is equipped with the latest sound/light system. Our complex has multiple venues available. The upper floor is a nightclub, the lower level is a Hookah Lounge, and a Bamboo bar is located here as well. Each venue has something different to offer. The Nightclub can accommodate up to 1500 guests. A large stage which is used for live performances and a large dance floor where the customers can go wild is installed here. We have 15 years experience in Hookah business, and our Lounge area is a reflection of this. It offers over 50 superb flavors. You can try some simple fruit flavors or go for more unique ones the

23. 1500 Lounge Philadelphia 

1500 Lounge Philadelphia 

1500 Lounge Philadelphia is a sophisticated, classy and beautiful club. Some of the hottest DJ’s are seen playing at our place. They create a hip and happening atmosphere. Three excellent audio systems are located here as a result of which you will be able to hear music in every corner of the room. An awesome VIP room is located here, as well. Dancing is a tiring activity, which is why we have three different bars installed at our club. They provide quick service and come with an extensive drink menu.  You won’t have to stand around, waiting for hours. Just place an order, and after a short while, the drink will be in your hands. Two dancefloors are available here.

24. Pulse Nightclub philadelphia

Pulse Nightclub philadelphia

Pulse Nightclub philadelphia is the center city’s hottest place. We host fantastic parties, arrange fabulous DJ’s, and provide outstanding service. From bouncers to the bartenders, everyone has been thoroughly trained, and they are quite friendly. The music in our club will take you straight to the dancefloor where you can show off some of your killer dance moves.

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In Philadelphia, there are clubs that allow entrance for the under 21 crew.

How’s the nightlife in Philadelphia?

Most areas of Philadelphia have a variety of bars, and every drinker can find something in every corner. Most bars in Philadelphia stay open until 2am. Some of these bars have live music and some even allow you to dance.

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