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Whether you’re a casual tourist passing by the city of Liverpool or if you’removing into the city, one needs to be familiar with the nightlife and clubs to liven up their weekends. Couple that with a love for Beyonce, Drake and Rhianna and you’ve got the top 5 RnB clubs to hit while you’re in Liverpool. The city of Liverpool now competes with the likes of London with the many clubs and the different experiences they offer. The clubs featured below can be booked for corporate events, parties and for a casual night out. Some places offer unique experiences like designer tattoos while others have themed nights and guest performers.

We have searched for and looked at all the clubs in the city to find the top 5 RnB clubs in Liverpool. So don’t worry about anything but choosing the club you want to party at! We have all the information you will need for a fun night out; the cost, the location, the dress code and more!

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1. Soho

Soho is the perfect place to party all night and is known for its late-night parties all throughout Liverpool. The venue itself has neon lights, VIP booths, disco balls, and funky artwork. The foundation of this club consists of industrial materials. Moreover, this club is the perfect place to party the night away. Furthermore, they also aim to draw the crowd in with the help of popular DJs and their tracks consisting of house and dubstep, motivating you to hop on to the dance floor and let loose. In addition, a beer garden and a terrace space are also available for more intimate parties during the summer season. Moreover, affordable drinks are a big hit with the students.

2. Kingdom

Kingdom is a nightclub and dance club located on Harrington Street, Liverpool. This club mixes fabulous design, famous DJs and much more in just one visit. Moreover, the club itself is decked with sophistication in the form of fancy booths, a big dance area, and a striking bar in the middle to make a grand first impression on anyone who steps foot in the club. Moreover, the club plays a wide variety of genres, ranging from funk, soul, disco, and even jazz. In addition, the club also has a strict dress code policy, which requires a fancy get up. Moreover, the drinks are also heavy on the wallet. A smoking area is also available. Lastly, the age limit for entrance is 18 and above.

3. Empire

Empire is one of the biggest party names in Liverpool. The club is famous for its late nights, celebrity appearances as well as DJ nights. A range of music genres can be heard here; from party mash-ups to Hip hop, RnB and House. Moreover, the club is spread over four floors, which is further divided into five-party spaces. These party spaces include a New York-themed room, an Asian inspired room, a courtyard for a more intimate affair among many more. In addition, you can even hire a private room for more intimate parties. This club is perfect for clubbing, drinking and dancing, and even hosting stag or hen parties. Moreover, the drinks are also happily affordable, making it an instant hit.

4. Circo

Circo Never Ever Land promises an experience like no other club in Liverpool. The main focus of this club is the next generation of entertainment and letting your imagination run free. Moreover, the club has a signature show called ‘The Freak Show Experience’, which takes place between 9 pm to 4 am every Saturday. In addition, the club also plays liver performances and hypnotic audiovisuals with the help of interesting LED backdrops. One can expect stilt walkers, fire breathers, face painters and much much more from this club. Moreover, international DJs also come and play great tunes that consist of party mash-ups and funky music to get you dancing on the dance floor. This club is perfect for going on a date or drinking and partying the night away.

5. Ink Bar

INK is a unique night club that has been all the rage in Liverpool, blowing up the city’s nightlife. The club is the first club to feature designs from famous tattoo artists and even provides tattoo services on the spot while you wait for your drink, available early evenings on most weekends. The club features talent from a range of music genres which includes old school hip-hop, Funk, Soul, and RnB. The club also features a sheesha lounge and frequently hosts DJs for special nights. One can can also book VIP lounges or private booths for a customized and unparalleled experience. INK’s magnificent interior will glow up in the club lights to provide a surreal experience unlike any other club in Liverpool. Don’t miss the night of your life and visit Ink on your next trip to Liverpool.

In Conclusion

This wraps up the list of the top RnB clubs in Liverpool. Make sure to visit these on your next trip to the city to experience some of the most happening clubs in the UK, for a lively and unique experience. And this is the guide to exquisite food music and drinks in the great city of Liverpool.