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Translating into the English as “Red Sun,” Rote Sonne is a no frills dance club and live music spot named after the 1969 West German feminist cult film of the same name and first opened its doors in 2005. One of the best venues to hear and dance to inspired DJ sets, from both local and international DJs, whirling a range of house, techno, minimal, dance, and electro, Rote Sonne is also a great spot to take in a live performance, with famous past guests including Laurent Garnier, Animal Collective, Patrick Pulsinger, and more.

It is a techno club in Munich with a capacity of 300 to 400 guests. Rote Sonne’s humble space, where the DJs and bands perform on the same level as the dance floor, offers a level of familiarity with the performers that is difficult to find elsewhere in the city. It is easy to miss this club, located right next to the overpowering Pacha Club. Rather than high end typical clubbing here you will find a cool cellar club which concentrates on the basics: no frills, just a simple industrial elegant room and great electronic music. The DJ is the highlight of the party crowd, the guests here a combination of house fans and alternative party animals and without the attitude and arrogance you can find at the big club nearby. The staff is as nice as the crowd and it is the perfect place for jollification.

The club operators support the use of renewable energy and operate the club with electricity. The program includes mostly electronic music on weekends, but also punk, disco and trash. During the week, the club is open irregularly, sometimes live concerts are held. Since the opening of the club well over 700 DJs, 300 live acts and more than 100 live bands playing in the Rote Sonne. 

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